It started...

It all started, with a friend asking me for a cup of tea and it ended at Madame's house who's family used to own one of the most beautiful Chateau's in SW France.

From the moment that she greeted us at the front door to the time we left (some 9 hours later) let's just say it was like a fabulous dream.

Everywhere we looked we saw fabulous items, a lot of which I had only seen in books and museums. What a life she has had and how lucky we were, to get a glimpse into what is a very private world that few will ever know about.

Every item had a fabulous story and I was like a child listening to a fairy tale, never wanting it to end.

A few items were loaded into the car and we promised to return with a bigger car as the visit was initially just to "regarde".

One of the items that we bought back with us, is this remarkable Antique French Napoleon III valance dating c 1860.

This textile is extraordinary~ it would have been hung as part of a bedding set, either hung as a ciel de lit or over an alcove bed as shown in the photo below.

It is made from very heavy silk and the back is lined with silk and of course is all hand stitched.

The passementerie is stunning and completes with fabulous and rare piece.

It measures 83"L x 54" W hence it was hard to photograph and I ended up using the garage doors which really do not do it justice.

A rare and unusual piece.....I am now off to sort through an old trunk that we bought back with us, it is full of old lace and under garments - it takes me back in time and I adore the fact that each piece has a story to tell, just wish that they could speak.

A demain, Leeann x


  1. Fantastic photos! Lovely colours.

  2. 1860?! And still in sutch wonderful state. I would LOVE to hear the stories this bedding set could tell ;)

  3. OOOOOOOOOh ~ I don't know how to type it but I hope you can hear me swooning over that.

  4. what a wonderful day and magnificent finds...

  5. Fantastic finds you have here. I love the teacups.

  6. Fabulous indeed!The antiquity of the valances are truly fabulous.

  7. I'm interested in this fabulous valance. Have you priced it yet? If so, could you let me know the cost? Thanks! -Beth


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