the weekend....

{photo from here}

Wish that I could say that we spent most of the weekend like the couple in the photo above, but alas no we spent most of the weekend working.

I have put a table and chairs, similar to the one above, on the terrace at our other house along with some fabulous antique pots which I have yet to buy some plants for.

Merci beaucoup to all of you that suggested plants which do not like a lot of water, I will bear these in mind when we are shopping this week.

Managed to fit in a vide grenier at the weekend and returned with a few items including an antique mannequin, which I will photograph and show you later in the week.

For lunch today the plan was to have a picnic by the river and all was going well until a few drops of liquid sunshine appeared!

How was your weekend? Was yours a lazy or a busy one? Dites-moi...

Leeann x


  1. Your weekend sounds like mine but I have a feeling yours was a lot more fun least visually. Lots of plantings and walks thru parks and gardens in Surrey for a little inspiration...actually, a whole lot of inspiraiton. Sprintime in England is glorious!

    Best wishes

    Jeanne x

  2. love that pic. HOpe you find time to unwind by your table soon.

  3. Beautiful photo...I am still pining for the arrival of Spring sans rain. No luck yet...

  4. This picture makes me smile ..

    i like this Blog , keep Going :)


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