friday flowers/earth day.... what a busy day it is today, not only is it Good Friday but it is also Earth day. We are planning on spending the day spring cleaning at my other house which is currently for sale. I have bought a fabulous antique garden table and chairs and some antique pots which I am going to fill with plants. Note any ideas on hardy plants that do not need a lot of water would be appreciated......

Wishing you all a fabulous Easter and a very Happy Earth day.


Je vous souhaite à tous une fabuleuse de Pâques et une journée de la Terre très heureux.

Leeann x


  1. My recent salvation re: plants that survive is box (boxus) hedge which can be clipped into whatever shape you want and is v resilient and low maintenance.While not hugely original round ball shapes look quite elegant. I am sure you have endless amazing plants to choose from in France. Jane :)

  2. I am just going to put a picture of my plants in antique pots on my blog for you to see :)

  3. I live in the very dry California Foothills and we don't have a strong well, so water is precious. I plant lavender, rosemary, day lilies and last week, a new mounding perennial called Bishop's Farm Rock Geranium- eroduim reichardii.
    All of these should not require much water and they always look beautiful.
    Happy Easter to you.

  4. Happy easter

  5. Happy and blessed Easter to you!

  6. Hi Leeann!
    I'm sure whatever you choose will look great but I'm with Jane of Kiwi Style. We call it boxwood, Pretty, hardy and EASY....Maryannexo Have a great Easter

  7. Oh Leeann, I just read your touching post about your Nana. She looks like whe was a darling woman, so sorry you lost her. Maryanne xo

  8. Happy easter days to you too Leeann,


  9. Happy Easter to you Leeann and hope that you are having a lovely time spring cleaning.
    Lavender is always a favourite of mine, likes the sun and does not need much attention and water.



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