Fabulous stone...

As many of you probably already know, I am a lover of stone and think that it is the perfect material when restoring an old stone house in France. Here at Maison 20 we have used it in all of the kitchens and it is so practical. At our oither house, we used it on our terrace and it really transformed the terrace as before it was plain concrete.

We are lucky enough to have a fabulous shop in our village which stocks a great range of stone.

It is called Urrutia Stone and is run Julian, who is an expert in stone.

This is an old post card of Julian's shop.....

This is a photo of how Julian's shop looks today......

Here are some photos of the stone that he stocks.

All are lovely and come in a range of colours.

Such a fabulous contrast, the wood against the natural stone.

Lots of many shapes and sizes...

So if anyone is looking for stone, you know where to come.

Now on a work note, I need to get back to my chandeliers as I have a few to clean before listing in the shop.

.....bon début de semaine a tous,
Leeann x


  1. oh wow...the floor is awesome...when I have a house one day I'll make sure it has this stone!

  2. oh wow...the floor is awesome...when I have a house one day I'll make sure it has this stone!

  3. I love this stone - it's so practical. We've got it on our bathroom floor at the minute and our shower walls and it is just so natural looking. This is what we've decided to go for in the kitchen in our renovation project in France. i think it will be lovely with the bare stone walls.
    sacha xx

  4. A bit heavy to bring home in the suitcase but- tres elegante!

  5. Lovely! As I write this, I have had men in my backyard installing stone for over two weeks! It's Pennsylvania Bluestone cut in a random rectangular pattern. Apparently, it's a little time consuming to install. This stone, though, is absolutely beautiful.


  6. I do love the random cut stone and wish I had done more research when we renovated..however we traveled to Italy, bought a block of marble which was cut and shipped so I have the look with random slabs in marble- it was a difficult choice at the time, - but the trip was fun!love your stone!!Col

  7. ooooh this stone is gorgeous! So practical and I just love the colour mix, and the "roughness"
    The daffodils were very pretty in your last post, I really enjoyed them as we are in the midst of some very crisp autumn days, thanks!

  8. Swoon!! That stonework is amazing! I'm now following. xo

  9. I love the stone too, Leeann! The third floor is my favorite.
    Have a great day.

  10. LOVE the stone! I will definitely be having it in my next house. Vanna

  11. Don't have to worry about moisture damage with this and the patina is so nice.

  12. I really liked the corner stand!


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