Fabulous find...

{an antique valise full of lots of lovely tresors}

This valise/suitcase is one of two suitcases that I stumbled across recently, and is full of beautiful treasures which I plan to photograph and share with you. Once photographed, the very lovely and of course very French objets will be available in the fabulously french online shop for purchase.

Many items date back to the late 1800's and there are some very special tresors which I am certain that you will love almost as much as I do.

A lot of beautiful dyed antique linen (sheets, pillow cases, tablecloths and napkins) has arrived direct from Paris and will start appearing in the online shop next week. There are many fabulous colours including a very soft rose, antique grey, lovely lavender and a lovely shade of vin rouge. Lots to do so I had better fly......

......a la prochaine mes belle amies.....

Leeann x


  1. How lovely! I need to learn how to stumble onto treasures like this! Can't wait to see every single item. That is a lot to woohoo over. :-)


  2. Oh my Leeann! My eye is on that soft blue one with the embroidered birdie! What an incredible find, can't wait to see closeups!! xoxo ~Lili

  3. Dearest Leeann,

    Yes, there are still treasures out there. I was lucky to find some authentic Christoffle Gallia knife rests in France... I do use them myself too. Makes life so much fuller and they serve a purpose.
    Just fun to discover more and more that I do LOVE everything French!

    Good luck to you and enjoy the hunt!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  4. Fascinating - and to think there must be a story behind each piece...

  5. Ya por lo que muestras es todo un tesoro! Me encantan esos colores que describes! Un beso, Gloria.

  6. Beautiful! I can't wait to see all of the treasures you've found.
    xoxo, B

  7. Wow, that is some find, I can not wait to see all of the treasures in there!


  8. oh Leeann, they are fabulous indeed!!

  9. What an amazing find! All those lovely treasures inside. are beautiful.

  10. Please stop by my blogs as I have something for you in my Wednesday post.
    xoxo, B

  11. Hi Leeann,
    I saw your blog in "A taste of Garlic" and wondered if you would be interested in contributing to our new online magazine TIENS ! Le Sud-Ouest de la France.

    Here's the address to the home page: http://websitetiensmagazine.dutchgiraffe.fr/

    For more information, please contact me. Kind regards, Perry Taylor perry@tiensmagazine.com


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