vendredi fleurs...

{photo - moi}

It is that time of the week and I hope that you have all had a good one. Mine has been a mixed and busy week.

This weeks flowers are courtesy of Mr FF, who surprised me with this lovely bunch of roses after returning from 2 hours root canal treatment.........Merci beaucoup mon cher, je t'aime!

Merveilleuse fin de semaine a tous,

Leeann x


  1. Aah, lovely flowers, but I think you probably deserved them after 3 hours of being at the dentist! Have a lovely weekend! x

  2. ieuw, don't talk about root canals please, although I think the bunch should have been bigger after that;)))).

    Enjoy them, AND Mr FF;)


  3. How lovely to receive roses under any circumstances, particularly when recovering from the ignominy of said dental torture. Reggie commiserates the later and congratulates the former. Reggie

  4. Lovely flowers Leeann.
    Hope Mr FF is feeling better after his root canal.
    I had one of those and they are not nice and good when it is all over.


  5. It's amazing what romance a trip to the dentist can inspire! Hope you've had a lovely weekend Leeann. xx

  6. I can so relate to Mr. FF's root canal, I just had one too! But I didn't think to bring anything home to Henri after it. What a keeper you have! xo ~Lili


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