Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Mille mercis Vicki....

What a fabulous surprise I got, when I went to read my favourite blogs, yesterday morning.

I clicked on Vicki Archer's fabulous blog and what did I see but the words "Fabulously French" .

Lucky moi has won a copy of Vicki's latest book "French Essence" along with some other very lucky readers.

I cannot wait to get it, Pere Noel has come early! I also had a delivery of fabulous hand made in France candles, some of which are made in fabulous French glasses - will show you a photo or 2 tomorrow.

Also my lovely lady that makes the candles is also a qualified reulphosterer which means that next Spring, we will be offering classes.

A fabulous end to what started off as not a very nice day....

A demain mes amies,

Leeann x


  1. Was a wonderful surprise!! So happy to see my name in such good company! I added this beautiful book to my sidebar.
    Have a great day.

  2. How exciting! Congrats you lucky girl!!! What a wonderful early Christmas gift!!! Anything Vicki touches is Gold, I can't imagine how beautiful this book will be!

  3. ~**~Congrats Leeann!! Im so happy for you~*~*Hugs,Rachel~*~*

  4. Lovely lovely lovely - how very special. x

  5. What an early Christmas gift! I am happy for you!

  6. That's great, I enjoy Vicki's blog too. G

  7. Lucky you! How exciting - could not have gone to a nicer person...x

  8. oh what a nice surprise! lucky you!


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