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Why I love blogging....

Through blogging we all get to interact with like minded souls around the globe and I for one, would be lost without this fabulous invention.

Some times we are even fortunate enough to meet in person. Mr FF finds it hard to comprehend the world of blogging and to him it is my imaginary world so is always a bit taken back when we meet a blogger in "real".

A month or so ago, I blogged about a fabulous vintage leather coat that I was selling and a fellow blogger wrote that they were interested in buying the coat.

That blogger was Jill, an American living in Provence. I replied that we were going to be visiting Provence and could deliver in person.

{Jill, the new owner of my vintage coat and moi}

Not only does Jill offer fabulous tours around Provence, she also runs this fabulous place called Liquoristerie de Provence with her partner Pascal.

Such a beautiful showroom, selling many items which would make fabulous gifts for friends and family.

I especially loved the gift boxes as although France produces many beautiful items, they are often not marketed to their full potential.

Pascal was responsible for the reintroduction of absinthe, a drink which was banned for many years in france as it was thought to cause halucinations. You can read more about absinthe here.

They also sell lots of lovely Cote de Provence wine, which is one of our favourite rosé wines.

Whilst we were there, we sampled a perfume made from Absinthe, which has a lovely fresh smell and for me is similar to fragrance made from green teas.

There is also a version for men which Mr FF has developed a liking for so I have a feeling that I be placing an order soon Jill, if you are reading this.

Also it was due to Jill, that we found the fabulous restaurant in Casis so we hope to return to the favour should Pascale and Jill ever be in our neck of the woods.

Jill is a fellow lover of vide greniers and all things fabulous and French so if you are looking for a tour of Provence with a difference then she is the lady for you. You can read more about Jill here.

Merci beaucoup to Jill for a fabulous visit and to you all, as I would be lost without you make my world a better place.

Beaucoup de bisous,

L x

p.s. the washing was a mixture of business and pleasure as I found some fabulous vintage linen whilst in Provence :-)


  1. It is really nice to meet blogging people in real life. I have been lucky enough to meet two so far... ;-)

  2. Wasn't it great that Jill wanted your leather coat and that you have found a new friend.....with the most wonderful shop into the bargain. I will definitely check out her website. XXXX

  3. What fun to read this post! Thanks for all the kind words.

    I love how the leather coat sparked our meeting, too! As soon as my current tour is complete, I'm going to blog about you both coming by, as well.

    By the way, Pascal - no "e"! He'll get mad if you spell his name like a girl's! ha ha.

    I'm so glad Mr FF had the courage to try the men's scent, because I had a feeling he really would like it. I know he didn't want to at first and it took your goding. It was so cute - you said something like "it takes a woman to get guys to try new things." I wish I remembered what you said.


  4. So lovely when the 'real' and the 'imaginary' worlds meet! Sounds like you had a great time meeting Jill.

  5. Her shop is amazing and unique. I'm so glad that you got to meet her. Yes, it's wonderful to meet bloggers in the real!


  6. When I have traveled it is my blogging friends that have given me the best advise. Thank you for sharing this post. It is fun to meet up with those we share our morning coffee with so often.

  7. We know each other so well but could pass in the street unrecognised! I would love to meet in person some of the amazing people I visit in cyber space. You are indeed lucky.

  8. What an awesome real life story LeeAnn! That is so funny how you described Mr. FF's reaction to your 'imaginary' world. What a wonderful time you both are having! ~Lili

  9. I agree about blogging, it opens up the world to us and a world of new friends! wonderful to have a new friend and make new connections!

  10. Thank you for sharing such a lovely story! Beautiful shop.
    Have a nice day.

  11. My husband and family do not get the concept of blogging either, and look where it has taken me .. Paris and the South of France .. All my friends in Paris are amazing, and have since met a few more this year .. Also a few of them have been over to London where we met up, and three have been to Oxfordshire and met my husband and stayed with me.

    Yours is such a fab story, and what a lovely owner for the vintage coat, and you have a New FRIEND.

  12. Blogging is a great way to expand your horizons, to get creative and to meet more people interested in the same genres.

  13. Thank you for such a wonderful post! It is amazing how blogging brings new friendships and lets us meet people with same interests and passions.

  14. ~*How wonderful that you two could meet! :) There are so many blogging friends I would LOVE to meet up with!~**~Hugs,Rachel~*

  15. Yes I agree blogging is a wonderful world and how lovely that you were able to meet a fellow bloggers
    The shop sounds divine!!

  16. Hi Leeann,

    How wonderful that you were able to meet up with your blogging friend, and deliver her parcel in person.
    It really is a small world.
    The shop looks amazing and thanks for sharing.

    Happy Wednesday

  17. Her store is beautiful! Will keep it in mind next time in provence.... hopefully very soon! J'espere bien!


  18. You are so right - its wonderful to meet up with other bloggers in person - what a great time it looks as if you had with Jill. Love the sound of that Absinthe perfume too. x

  19. Let me tell you....why I hate blogging ;P
    Because instead of cleaning the house,go for a walk,doing something creative or just about anything else....I can not seemto get out of my chair in front of my Mac....the blogging is too much fun and inspirational...and steels so much time!Darn blogging!!!!!!!!!!!
    ( I hope you get the irony)

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. What a wonderful turn of events. I love that your virtual world crossed into the "real" world and you got to have a lovely visit with your online friend. Mr FL doesn't get the whole blogging thing either, so I got a chuckle out of that. Beautiful blog. I will be back.


  22. What a lovely post - and it must be so nice to meet a fellow blogger! I think your husband sounds a little like mine when it comes to my blogging!! Looking forward to more photos of your holiday in Provence!

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  24. Thank you so much for all of that info about Jill. We'll be in France next year and I'm going to call her to see about a tour of the region.
    Thanks again

  25. How wonderful to know about Jill. I agree, the connecting with like minded people is just such a gift! So happy to be connecting with you!
    ~ Elizabeth

  26. very pretty space

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  28. Hi: I just arrived at your blog..not sure how! But it's wonderful (for all of us Francophiles....).
    yes, I do agree, blogging is a wonderful experience and opens up just so many opportunities. I certainly know Jill and her blog!
    When I was in Paris in Sept. a new 'virtual' friend who lives in Aix, came up to meet me..and we got along so well and had such fun. Now we Skype each week. No, I never would have met her without blogging!!


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