Demain matin......

One of the things I love about living in the middle of a French village, is that you do not need to go far to do your shopping.

Infact the "shops" come to us, every Thursday morning and there is nothing nicer than strolling around the market, taking in the sounds and smells unique to a market in France.

I love the way that the French vendors spend hours carefully arranging their wares, chatting to one another as they do so.

It makes shopping at a supermarket almost boring but then I am not a huge fan of large supermarkets and often manage to loose Mr FF and then spend, what seems like hours wandering up and down the aisles trying to find him. Note I also do this in hardware stores and feel like a lost child, that said my dream is to get lost in a clothes store which is probably Mr FF's idea of a nightmare......

And you happen to miss the market then there is sure to be another not far from the village in which you live, on a different day, which is great for the shopping addicts amongst us.


…à la prochaine…

Leeann x


  1. I wish this could happen in London ... i despise grocery shopping in the supermarkets!

    You can find farmers markets around in some areas, but its not the same.
    Lucky you Leeann ... happy shopping!

  2. I love shopping in the outdoor farmer's markets. So many things to see...I love taking photographs there. And so many things to think about making with the things you finally decide to buy there! You are so can't get olives at our outdoor market!

  3. The French have such a way of making food and eating glam!



  4. If Mr FF is anything like Top you are probably being lost in the hardware store on purpose!!!
    All that fresh seasonal fruit looks wonderful and I bet they don't put the apples in cool store for 12 months before you buy them either!!!!

  5. i am already missing the farmers markets here, the stores are so bland!

  6. The French really know how to eat!

    Second Hand Chicks

  7. The French seem to know how to do everything right! I love open air markets. Experienced this in Germany! Nothing like that here though!

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. We have something like this here in Buenos Aires and I just love them ! I no longer buy any produce in the supermarkets, I buy produce that I saw arrive from the countryside ( if I was up that early in the am)..
    And unlike the huge markets in the US, I only buy what is in season, which changes a lot of the way I cook.
    I like it though ..

  9. Sadly I have to admit I love shopping in giant French supermarkets... a reflection of just how bad the ones at this end of the world are perhaps. A x

  10. I really miss French markets. When I lived in Nice I went to the market regularly to buy my fruit and veg. I hate shopping in supermarkets and try to avoid them as much as possible. However, the markets here in Italy are not nearly as good or as frequent as in France.

  11. Wow, do you have the life! I dream about having a small farm in the countryside, with outbuildings for a bed & breakfast. Walking into town every morning to get fruits, veggies and bread for the days meals. Going to the fabulous flea markets to find antique beauties to decorate my home...... ahhhh. You are one lucky lady!

  12. I so love how the French grocery shop.....they buy for a day or two only.....then go in the U.S. we seem to shop for two weeks...with carts overflowing....with very little fresh....ahhhh what a pity!!



  13. Oh, that sounds so wonderful, there is nothing better than fresh produce....once you have tasted it it's hard to go back to the super market produce.


  14. ~*You are so blessed to be able to live in France!! ~*Sounds wonderful!~*Hugs,Rachel~*~

  15. Merci for taking France directly to my livingroom... Fabulous blogg and really like your way of expressing yourself!


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