Colours of Provence ....

{my favourite photo of the day}

The day started with rain but it did not deter us and our first stop was L'Isle sur la Sorgue('Venice of Provence') which was a 20 minute drive from where we are staying. The town is famous for its art and antiques.

Unfortunately or should I say fortunately for Mr FF, most of the shops were closed.

Everywhere we went today, we saw beautiful colours.......

Even on a rainy day, the colours won the day.....

We sheltered from the rain in a fabulous cafe, loved the style of the menu.....

We then went to Carpentras, where the architecture was stunning and there were even more beautiful buildings......

We loved the shappiness of the oh so beautiful buildings...

so many wonderful signs........

This is another that I loved as it reminded me of sunflowers glowing in the summer sun.....

But this is the one that stole my heart today, so fabulous and French.....

So from me it is bonne nuit from beautiful Provence again,

L x

p.s. I am looking forward to tomorrow as we are going to be visiting a lot of the locations that were used when filming one of our all time favourite movies "A Good Year" - cannot wait!


  1. What's beautiful photos, You must be wery happy to be in Provence, I envy You ;)
    Have a nice days in Provence!

  2. I just love Provence and your photos are reminding me of our summer holiday - I have already added to my favourites the place where you are staying it looks lovely - hope the rain clears for you tomorrow - its my favourite film to and we just keep watching it we also visited where it was filmed this year. Have fun.

  3. Love the pictures...
    Thanx for sharing...

  4. Beautiful colors! Wishing I could see them in person!

  5. You are living the dream :)

  6. Charmante!

    I particularly like the colors and the lettering on the fascades.

    Have fun!

  7. Everything is so Fabulous! And the last piture just put me in awe xoxoxo

  8. How gorgeous!
    You must share more about your favorite movie!
    I don't think I know it!
    Have a wonderful rest of your day!

  9. Belle photos! I, too love that film and the scenographie:))

  10. Love the crusty, faded blue building! thanks for sharing!

  11. Such wonderful photographs and the buildings are fantastic - what a shame that the antique shops were closed! Thanks for sharing these though. x

  12. Absolutely beautiful, I think this might be a place for me to go next year :-) Oh and I love the film "A good year" too ..

  13. Awhhhh...what beautiful colors, architecture...etc. What I would give to b able to sit in such a lovely café in Provence! Lovely post!
    I :)

  14. Que bueno ver estas fotos...dentro de unos días viajamos para allí!! Un placer, un beso, Gloria.

  15. OH I loved a good year!

    These photos are FABULOUS and my personal favorite is the one with the faded blue wall and writing...

    I would love to do an interview of you on my website... shoot me an email if that sounds like fun.


  16. OMG!!! LA MADONE! I just read your next post! That has been on my sidebar for over a year as my dream destination - I can't wait to read all about it!

  17. so fun to be on your trip with you! have safe and wonderful travel!

  18. Hi Leeann,

    What wonderful photos you have shown~ love all the gorgeous colours of the amazing buildings.

    Have a fabulous time.

  19. Stunning colours!
    it must be a dream to walk
    around such a charming place,

  20. You just gave my dream about driving through Provence nurture...I absolutely HAVE to do it!!!!!! Wonderful buildings,wonderful pictures!!!!
    Thanks :)))

  21. Loving all the signs. Sounds like an adorable place to visit!

  22. Your photos are gorgeous Leanne. We are heading south after Paris to a little town north of Nice - carros. We hope to do some exploring.
    I can't wait.

  23. Your photos are fantastic and so full of inspiration! What amazing sights you are taking in. I can tell you are savoring it too, that must be so awesome to be there! xo ~Lili

  24. Pure eye candy, thanks for the inspiration.

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