vendredi fleurs...

{Beautiful flowers at our friend's house}

The first Friday in September has arrived and although it is still very warm during the day -31 degrees it is cooling down to 10 degrees at night which is perfect for sleeping.

Yesterday was a busy day in the shop and everyone was busying candles and napkins so I suspect that the dinner party season is about to commence.

We are going to a vide grenier on Sunday so fingers crossed that there are lots of "tresors".

What are your plans for this weekend? I would love to hear all about them....

Quels sont vos projets pour ce week-end? J'aimerais tout savoir sur vos projets ....

Bon week-end a tous,

L x


  1. It is still Thursday night at my place... Tomorrow I plan on starting "French Fridays". A few years ago I and my friend had "French Fridays" - we learned one French phrase every Friday. My friend died two years ago at age 50 because of a stroke. Your blog inspired me to get back to my tradition to keep up with those fond memories of my friend. I hope to learn a lot from you now. Thank you!

  2. Bonjour Leeann,

    Your friends house and flowers are lovely.
    Enjoy your weekend and I hope you find some tresors at the vide grenier.
    I am hoping to get out in the garden if the weather is nice.


  3. Bonjour Leeann.

    I want to go vide grenier with you, I will carry all the goodies you buy(smile) but I am busy cleaning up the house, putting out all the junk for the collection, dropping off my little princess's outgrown clothes at Salvation, a lot of house work to do.

    You have a Bon- week-end!
    Don't forget to take a lot of photo's at vide grenier.

    Julie xx

  4. Hi Leeann,
    You are so lucky to have still that hot weather! Here in Belgium we were promised to have some 21°C for the weekend! I hope it will because tomorrow night we have a BBQ with all our neighbours! I hope we will have lots of fun!
    Enjoy your vide grenier! I think this is always a fantastic adventure! I would love to go with you!!

  5. Leeann,
    Je viens d'arriver de mes vacances et ma plus grande illusion pour le weekend c'est reencontrer mes amis,je ne les vois pas depuis semaines.
    Bon weekend a toi aussi,

  6. Leeann, What a beautiful house. It looks like it is out of a storybook. Happy treasure hunting. I hope to find some wonder estate sales and yard sales this weekend. Wish I was at the Paris Flea Market instead! Happy weekend.

  7. Dear Leeann,
    your friend's house looks beautiful. We are just back from Italy and I have a camera full of photos of houses and flowers !!
    Have a lovely weekend. XXXX

  8. Driving ten hours in a car with a toddler and my pass the time, we are going to plan our trip in France just around New Years...we will be traveling from near Luxembourg where his sister lives to fly out of Paris...any good vide-grenier or brocante suggestions for the area in between?

  9. by the way, I was doing a little monthly housekeeping today, and finally got around to putting your blog on my blogroll. I love your posts! Have a great weekend!

  10. I adore your blog and now am a follower :)
    Got caught up with some of your blogger friend sites too, all the french makes me long for Paris.
    french blessings,

  11. There is a vide grenier in the 9eme in Paris tomorrow. Usually it's not the greatest, but I will go with hope. Now we need some sun!! Bonne nuit - Erica

  12. love this... looks like it is filled with love. xx

  13. Bonjour Leanne,
    your friend's home is just lovely!
    My weekend will consist of lots of family fun in the beautiful weather we're having.

  14. Hello Leeann

    Plans for the weekend include brunch at a local cafe today as it's Fathers Day in New Zealand!! (did you remember - our daughter always forgets as it's a different day in France)!!!!

    Next weekend we have the "Auckland Vintage Textile Fair" so I'm going along to have a look at that and hopefully pick up some bits and bobs - wish me luck!!

    Take care

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