Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Just arrived.....

{fabulous wooden boxes}

I am not sure where Monday went and we are now 1/2 way through Tuesday and I have not completed any of the tasks on my "to do" list.My poor online shop has been a little neglected due to a influx of kiwi guests at Maison No.20. I think that it maybe the most kiwis that our village has ever seen and to think that the tourist season is "fini".

I am busy sourcing for Fabulously French at present and have a few new items including these fabulous wooden boxes, perfect for hiding your tresors.


A fabulous mix of clocks and stenciled numbers and the colour that they are painted is tres, tres belle...


You will find these in the fabulously french online shop along with....

This petite and very cute vintage vasque complete with water free lavender....

Fabulous vintage faux livres book ends, the book lying on it's side is a secret drawer.....

Fabulous Toile de jouy curtains which are extra wide and long, there are two of these available. I had better go as I have my French teacher arriving in 30 minutes and as normal, I have left my homework to the last minute....

Bon courage a tous,
L x


  1. great boxes! whimsical and practical

  2. Gorgeous boxes and fabulous toile de jouy curtains - so love this fabric. x

  3. Lovely! Love the book ends too.

  4. Bon courage with your French lessons. Your store items are lovely.

  5. Happy week Leeann.
    You have some lovely things in your shop.
    Good luck with the French lessons


  6. Bonjour Leeann,
    All your new items are wonderful, especially the boxes, and the bookends with the secret drawer. Good luck with your French lessons. Speaking of which, I'd better start hitting the books myself, my poor French...
    a bientôt,

  7. Lovely new items! Good luck with your french,
    Jill x

  8. the items are all lovely, these are the type of things that i love to buy when i travel as i like to collect things that i will not get anywhere else, great collection

  9. oh god, these things are absolutely gorgeous and soo pretty that i just want to get them now, buying online is a treat as you can see thousands of prettiest things at once, i love the collection esp the box, too good

  10. i love the things, they are so good and go a long way in making a house a home, these small things looking small but in fact their contribution is too much, they add grace and beauty to house by just being there, great collection

  11. So many wonderful treasures. I adore them all. Hope your lesson went well Leeann? Wishing you a lovely rest of this week. xo

  12. There's nothing like a good Kiwi invasion to get the French nervous Leeann!
    Millie ^_^

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