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Look who I found....

{my latest purchase - alias the divine Miss M}

Yesterday morning, we woke early bound for a vide grenier in the nearby village of Lauzun.

My first purchase was a very heavy jardinere, which Madam very kindly packed in a box before putting in a bin liner as it was a little heavy to put in my straw panier. The only problem was that it was heavy and I could not move as quickly as I would have liked as the aim is to spot as many treasures as possible, before they are snapped up by the ever hungry dealers who are all doing the same thing!

So with jardinere under one arm and basket on the other, I walked as quickly as possible towards the treasure that I had spotted, in the distance.

On the way I managed to purchase a couple of cartons of blue and white china, which I decided was best to leave and collect later.

A few minutes later, appears Mr FF, who cannot believe the fact that in the space of a few minutes I have managed to accumulate so many items, none of which are very light.

We decide that I should stay with my purchases whilst he moved the car as near as possible.

After what seemed a lifetime of waiting, Mr FF appeared and we carried all the purchases back to the car including the very divine Miss M, which to the delight of the locals I popped under my arm as if it is perfectly normal to be carrying a mannequin through what is now, a very crowded vide grenier .

All treasures were carefully loaded in the back of the car before securing the divine Miss M in the back seat.

I am pleased to advise that this morning, the divine Miss M and my other mannequin, whio is currently nameless, appear to have bonded well.

Love the stencilled "STOCKMAN" letters on her "front" ...............

and also the fact that she has the words "Paris & London" on her lower half as I lived in London for a few years and adored every minute that I spent there.

I had better fly as my French teacher is due and I still have my homework to do.....

A tres bientot mes amis,
L x


  1. Ooohhh, I love it! What a great find! I once had to fill up my small car with shop mannequins to take somehwere for a fashion display. Other drivers found it very amusing :)

  2. I can just picture you at the vide grenier, Leeann! She is most fabulous.

  3. I love the devine Ms M ! She looks quite at home in your maison!


  4. I so enjoy going to vide grenier and deballage. Great mannequin . I could use it for my dressing room for hat and jewelry

  5. What a wonderful find and I especially love that it says "London and Paris" at the bottom. I have one of these but not as nice and I pin all my rhinestone brooches to it and drap her in pearls.

  6. i was worth getting up early!!! And poor Mr FF didn't see much I guess, busy carrying everthung to the car!!

    well done!!


  7. What a gem you found. Love the Paris London sign on it!

  8. Great day you had! I want the mannequin.
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  9. Ms M is simply divine!!!
    I adore the writing!
    It must have been exciting
    finding all those wonderful

    Flora Doora

  10. Great find and what a fun story to sit down at my computer to find!!!

  11. Ooh la la! Your efforts have paid off!

  12. Ohhh she's FAB!! I love how the first pic you have her buckled in..ha! Made me chuckle! This is seriously a great find!! Way to go!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  13. Hi Leeann
    What a great find!!!
    She is drop dead gorgeous.(smile)
    Luck you..

    Julie xx

  14. Hi Leeann,

    How exciting for you, getting all those treasures and in such a short time. Love your Mademoiselle M.

    Have a great week

  15. leeann... she is a treasure... and good in a carpool also! he he.... xx pam

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. what a fabulous dress form!! congrats!

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  19. Great Find!
    I have wanted one of these for a long time!
    Have a great day!

  20. I love old mannequins Leeann, and your Miss M looks ever so lovely! My old mannequin friend is still on duty at the store, and I really would quite like to bring her home again soon. They are so hard to come by now - here anyway!

  21. How scrumptious she looks fabulous, makes me miss my lady who is back in London. xxx

  22. What a lovely find! I miss the markets I used to frequent in the northeast -- no such things in Florida, where something from 1945 is considered REALLY old! Thank you for taking us along on your shopping expedition...and should the Divine Miss M ever crave warmer climes, she is very welcome to come to my home!

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