Vendredi fleurs.....

It's Friday! We are hoping to do some work around the house and go to a few vide greniers this weekend.

What are your plans for this weekend?Que faites-vous ce week-end?

L x


  1. Beautiful runnunculas, but how many for 21 euros? I will be picking my white peaches, that is what the birds and squirrels haven't already eaten.

  2. Donna - 5 bunches for 21 euros.
    I adore white peaches, they are my favourites as they have a different taste to the yellow ones.

    Bon week-end a toi,


  3. Wishing you a lovely weekend Leeann.
    We are kicking back in NZ - still cold and wet here so the fireplace looks pretty good!!

    I adore white peaches too - they're the original ones and have the real peach taste.

  4. Hi Leeann,

    Pretty flowers to start the weekend, thank you. We will probably be doing the same some work around the house and some shopping.

    Enjoy your weekend and good luck with the work around your home.


  5. Well, when we have children we always have parties to go...we have got 2 to go and a short trip is included on our plans. So, you see, we are gonna be kind of busy...your flowers are bright! I hope you, Fabulously French, hava a sunny weekend. Bela.

  6. My family and I are going to a huge street art fair today. The sun is already strong and it's only 10AM!
    I hope to see some beautiful things there.
    I adore those yellow/orange flowers, I could fill up my house with them!
    You always have nice pictures.

  7. Relax on Sunday and grill out. Oh and get some fresh flowers!!!!Have a great weekend!

  8. It is sooooo hot here during the day but I plan to do a little gardening in the morning and finish my "French themed" hodge podge books the rest of the day.

    Make life good - after all it's your life, I say!!

  9. Soccer's cancelled as it's wet, wet, wet. Missing a Kiwi winter???? The bonus is no standing around in the mud this morning and a whole weekend stretching ahead with nothing much we have to do. Beautiful flowers. x

  10. Oh those flowers are heart stopping! With 2 little boys, it's soccer all day for us. Have a great weekend! A-M xx

  11. Ok

    I have a long list of things I want to do this weekend.

    Get Blog Up

    paint wooden box
    put glass knob on table drawer
    fix board for frame just painted
    strighten up studio
    Clean my bedroom
    paint hangers
    find metal stencils in studio
    paint wooden hangers
    straighten up material stacks
    stain front steps
    Help friend price items for sale
    plus keep looking at your nice blog

    janice In Missouri

  12. Pretty flowers! I am hoping to make some cushion covers, Have a sweet day!

  13. Those flowers are GORGEOUS!!! Have a FAB weekend!!!

  14. Bonjour Leeann

    Have a Bon-Weekend.
    I will be cleaning up the house.(sigh~), and some sewing for my Esty Store..The flowers looks so pretty.


  15. Beautiful flowers!

    I am planning to paint my basement "Greige". My children promised to help... they are only 6 and 9!

    Have a great weekend!

  16. Bonjour LeeAnn,
    Lovely flowers! Sounds like we both have the same plans this weekend.

  17. Gorgeous flowers, very vibrant! I am working all weekend, but that is okay, it is in my antiques store, so not really 'work' at all! Have a good one...

  18. i simply love the clean beauty of your blog and photos:) enjoy your week-end - i hope to visit a few thrift stores tomorrow and work on projects around home...


  19. After a crazy busy week and a quick trip to Houston... I get to spend the rest of my weekend enjoying the company of my two most favorite men... my two sons, and hopefully I'll get to take advantage of all that muscle for a few projects around the house that need attending to... ~Terri

  20. Ranunculus wonderful, I love them and so a large bouquet looks fantastic.

    Many cordial greetings Melontha

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