vendredi fleurs.....

Bonjour from a very hot SW France. It hit 40 degrees yesterday and the forecast is for another couple of hot days before it starts cooling down a little on Monday.

Next Wednesday is Fete Nationale so we are hoping for a fine day, not too hot in which to enjoy the festivities including lots of fireworks.

This weeks gorgeous flowers are courtesy of my lovely friend Christine, always so thoughtful and kind.

There is nothing nicer than a lovely bouquet of flowers from a friend, note this is not a hint Mr FF, should you be reading this, although it has been a while since you bought me flowers....

Je vous souhaite une magnifique fin de semaine,

L x


  1. Beautiful flowers what a lovely way to start a Friday morning. My friend gave me a lovely posey of flowers from her garden yesterday, they're just so jolly, I love them.
    À bientôt.
    Bisous Nicky

  2. Gorgeous flowers and I love the vase they are in - beautiful. Hope it cools down for you there. Otherwise, pop over for our very mild Brisbane winter!
    Cheers, Pam

  3. What a lovely bouquet!IHyrangeas are my favourite for sure! And it is such a wonderful nurture to eye and mind to have fresh flowers on the hopefully mr FF will get your hint anytime man seems to have lost his hearing when it comes to things like this :(
    Have aa wonderful weekend :))

  4. I love those kind of bouquets. So pretty and so much nicer than supermarket flowers. What a lovely gift from your friend. I like the hint for Mr FF ;-)....
    When I used to live in the the South of France we left as soon broke up and headed to family in Belgium and England to get away from the heat and the tourists!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Isabelle x

  5. Oh Leeann, I would love to swap some weather with you! We had minus 11 degrees overnight last week, which for us is freezing. I love your beautiful flowers, indeed they are so special when they come from a lovely friend. Hope you enjoy your weekend ~ Tina x

  6. What gorgeous flowers and a gorgeous vase as well:) It sounds soo beautiful in France...althogh 40 degrees is just a little warm. Better than freezing Melbourne weather at the moment! Have a lovely weekend Kym X

  7. Hi Leeann! these flowers are beautiful! Also here in Italy is so HOT... I', dreaming about my holidays in the mountains...but I've to wait untill August!

    Have a nice week end!

  8. Aww what a treat! Fresh flowers are always enjoyed! Have a great weekend!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  9. Those flowers are lovely, I agree nothing beats a giant bouquet of fresh blooms!

    Love your blog!

  10. BEAUTIFUL flowers.... have a FAB weekend!!!

  11. How beautiful.

    Enjoy your weekend, too.

  12. Lucky you to have a friend who sent you flowers, I love the color of the flowers. Its very cold and windy in Melbourne,(brrrrrrrr)

    Keep cool in the hot weather.!!

    Julie xx

  13. Bonjour Leeann,

    Glad that you have some hot weather there, Enjoy!
    I love the pretty flowers and hydrangeas always look great in an arrangement.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  14. Gorgeous flowers Leeann..what a lovely friend! I can't stand 40 degree days..we do get a few of those over summer in Melbourne..Hope it mellows out a bit for you soon. I just had a look at your shop, very gorgeous. I may have to come back for some cushions when they're back in stock..Enjoy the rest of your weekend..Rachaelxx

  15. We are sweltering in Connecticut. Thank God for the pool.Going to work in New York is dreadful. love the color composition of the flowers.
    Bon Week end

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  17. Love your blog and your store ... so glad I stumbled across you! Your flowers make me long for summer - we also get some pretty hot days here in Brisbane, Australia. Hope your having a great weekend. Michelle

  18. beautiful flowers and I hope you have a lovely celebration!

  19. Beautiful flowers and vase!

  20. Beautiful flowers!! Thank you for sharing them xx

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