Love this bedroom....

{image from here}

I adore this bedroom designed by Nathalie Vingot Mei, a French interior decorator based in Aix en Provence.

Such a gorgeous chambre with everything that I love.....old floor tiles, toile de jouy bed coverings, hot air balloon and a fabulous antique basket.Tout est parfait!

A demain mes amis,

L x


  1. Really gorgeous! So rustic! You can imagine french windows where the light is coming from, opening out onto an orchard! Bliss! Have a good week x

  2. I can see why you like it! I used to live in the South of France and can easily imagine the scent of lavender coming through the window and the sound of the cicadas and crickets.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. Stunning Leeann and I so love that red fabric on the bed head... just beautiful. x

  4. oh me too! can just imagine how lovely it is, and probably smells like sunshine and lavender : )


  5. It's very sweet. I like the hot air balloon and the pretty fabrics the most :)

  6. I could move right in ...

    let's catch up!

  7. I love the little single bed tucked in the corner. How cozy.

  8. Red, red, red!!! Sweet and hot color. Perfect, full of style and chic! LOVE it!! Have a great week!!! Bela.

  9. Hi Leeann, I would like a bedroom like this for my children....That bed is a dream xx

  10. Hi Leeann,

    Such a sweet little bedroom here and I am sure that the wee child would be very happy here.
    I love the way the light is coming from the window.

    Happy week

  11. What I have noticed, what makes the French beds look so cool is that there is no box spring. Here in the states you would be looked upon as insane if you offered your guest a bed with only a mattress and no box spring. But, it does make the bed look so charming and simple.

  12. I love it sooo much! The wall color is lovely, and everything in the room just compliments each other!

  13. Hi Leeann, Love this bedroom also....i am a bit of a lover of french toile in reds and creams....take care Amanda

  14. Gorgeous bedroom, I just love it.

  15. You are right, it is simply stunning.

  16. So enchanting,love the
    elegant simplicity of
    this room..
    so sweet:))


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