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After many weeks of a storm being forecast and never arriving, we awoke to rain this morning. J'adore la pluie!

I adore the sound and the smell of rain, there is nothing nicer after weeks of heat and dust.

It is indeed liquid sunshine, for me anyway.

Bonne journee/soiree depending on when you are in the world....

L x


  1. We live in the Pacific Northwest...we get LOTS of rain. Fortunately it's pretty sunny right now.... My posies are pleased.

    Warm blessings,

  2. Funny that! So clean and refreshing.

    Big thunderheads around here as well!

  3. La Pluie indeed!!
    I can understand your feeling after the never-ending days of hot sun, but hey...

    It seems in Auckland it hasn't stopped raining for weeks and I would give anything for some hot sunny weather!!!

  4. Soak it up Leeann. We are just back from a lovely trip to Paris and planning our next trip, to Bordeaux, as we speak! xxx

  5. well, weatherforecast "promissed"us rain and thunder for today.....but please please please, let it wait for just ONE day, we have a party at school......tonight.....and it's a small school....and we don't want to sit inside.....all 300 of us ;)))))))))

    Enjoy the fresh air!!


  6. It's like waiting for a sneeze, and then it finally, graciously comes to your relief. Except, of course, the rain is refreshing and a sneeze is degeulasse!

  7. Dear Fabulously French, here in the South of Brazil it is freezing!!! So cold and wet. It has been raining for two looong weeks. It is winter and it is so good to sew, drink a cup of hot vanilla tea and eat chocolate!!!
    Enjoy your French pluie while I am enjoying my constant chuva.
    XOXOXOX. Bela.

  8. petrichor is the English word for the
    pleasant fragrance of rain falling on dry ground.

  9. Thanks for your lovely message, sounds like we are living parallel lives. Your south west France life sounds wonderful. Lovely to find your blog. Carla

  10. Bonjour LeeAnn,
    Enjoy the rain. It is rainy in Pris this eveing and the cool breeze is blowin - Heaven!
    a bientôt,

  11. Love the rain Italy the last rain was on 26 june....I'm longing for it as well xx

  12. We've had rain here all day today too, it's so refreshing after the heat we've had recently. You can almost see the flowers breathing a sigh of relief...

  13. Hi Leeann.
    It's been raning on and off in Melbourne. I am now sing a song and little dance. " Rain, rain go away, come again another day" ..

    Julie xx

  14. Hi Leeann,

    I know the joy of having rain after a dry and hot spell.
    We had some glorious rain last night and the boxwood topiarys are looking lush and green.


  15. I think I would much prefer the rain in Paris to the downpours we had for the past 2 days in Buenos Aires.
    chau ~

  16. Ahhhhhh sweet relief for you! Hope it's a nice soaking one. ~Lili

  17. Oh, I too love the rain....especially after weeks of heat. It's as if everywhere needs a good wash and the rain obliges.
    I love the photograph. The red umbrella is brilliant. XXXX

  18. We had it too. Soft summer rain. My favorite kind!

  19. I love the rain and a wonderful thunderstorm! Adorable blog!!^-^

  20. I love when it rains... it just smells so fresh and the sound of rain pitter pattering on on the rooftop is very calming! I just adore your blog its so sweet and I love seeing all the beautiful pictures of your France.

  21. Lovely to hear your rain showers freshened everything up in your part of the world Leeann.
    Millie ^_^

  22. Just discovered your blog. Fabulously beautiful it is.


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