Day out.....with many photos

{now this is what I call a gate....}

Yesterday we visited a nearby medieval village called Monpazier and I thought that I would share some photos with you....

These are in the order that I snapped them which in typical moi fashion is random.

So many gorgeous geranniums, I adore them as you all know...

A blackboard telling you what the shop is selling, as you know this region is famous for producing some of the best French products......

I cannot imagine living in a house that did not have shutters or as the French call them volets...

As it was Bastille Day yesterday in France, many flags were flying.....

Love the creeper on this building, such a gorgeous contrast against the ancien stone....

Speaking of stone, how about this window - oh so fabulous, this is one window that I would enjoy cleaning!

There were lots of different flags flying, this one caught my eye....

Fresh produce anyone?

Please Mr FF can we come and live here......

Hope that the shield comes with the house....

Another gorgeous stone house with lovely sky blue shutters....

Of course you must buy a bottle of wine or two or three to take home with you....

All this sightseeing is making me thirsty, a perfect place to have a cafe or a nice cold glass of perrier....

And if you need a shopping bag to put all your purchases in, here is a lovely selection.....

Hope you enjoyed our day out, I am now going to put out my blackboard and open my wee showroom as it is marche jour here today in our village.

A demain mes amis,
L x


  1. Simply so French and simply so gorgeous - I share your passion for geraniums and they never look quite as good in a southern hemisphere garden!

  2. WHat a treat....I had no idea I´d be going to France this morning *lol*
    But I sure did,and now I even want to go there more!!!!! You´ve captured so many nice details,it all looks so cosy!!! Must have been a terrific day for sure! But I got kinda curious about that dog pictured...what is it?Does it mean anything special?Do you know?
    And that gate!!!!!!! Words not needed!!!!!
    Au revoir et merci beaucoup :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos with us. What a wonderful day you had, the food, the wine the shutters, the flowers the sunshine... so beautiful!

  4. What a gorgeous village and your photos are amazing as always! Love the shutters :) Thank you so much for sharing Leeann ~ Tina xx

  5. What gorgeousness!! I am so desperate to get to France ASAP!
    Those geraniums are so similar to ones I have in the backyard!

  6. I loved to see pictures of this village!! Each corner of France is a happy discovery!! I'm never tired of France, I'm counting the days to come back. Thanks for bringing a piece of your wonderful country to us today!

    Bonne journée xx

  7. How lovely to have a close up view of what I have been following each night with the tour de France!

  8. Beautiful...a delight!

    Thank you for taking me back to
    France for a moment!

    Flora Doora

  9. Thanks for the great images, Our favorite picture from France is a Provencal window with geraniums and lace inside the window. These pictures made us remember. Lovely post Leeann..Happy Bastille day.
    Maryanne xo

  10. Wow...I really miss my days i France...thanks for make me feel I'm a little there!!!
    It is Fabulously French!!!

    Bisous!!! Bela.

  11. oh Leeann, it makes me want to come back immediately! how beautiful everything is - all of those old stones, french writing, volets!
    have a lovely marche et un bon weekend!

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog! I enjoyed your post and seeing all the photo's of this beautiful village- you fortunate girl!! yes I can believe you are having hot weather...the colder it is is here, the warmer it is where you are....almost alway like that. enjoy! Colette x

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

    Jeanne :)

  14. A day out in France - just perfect. I feel like I've had a short getaway myself.

  15. This is the France I want to experience ~ thank you for sharing with your lovely photos in your fashion. : )

  16. Merci beaucoup Leeann, for taking us along on your day out.
    I loved seeing your delightful photos and the windows, shutters and geraniums are just fabulous.
    I hope that you have a pleasant weekend selling in your showroom.


  17. Fabulous images LeeAnn! I'm with you on that blue gate. Glad you enjoyed Bastille Day. The big parade here in Paris was a total rain-put, but the fireworks went off perfectly.
    Bon soir,

  18. What a day you had! I wish I were there with you. Wonderful photos. Thank you so very much for sharing.

    Julie xx

  19. you captured the essence of France! Love the doors and architecture.....the "restaurant" sign is the best!

  20. How delightfully french that village is and such wonderful photos. It is wonderful to dream of France through your beautiful blog all the way from here in Australia! Thank you!

  21. Came across your blog through another. I love my day out here in this lovely village. Brings happy memories of similar villages in your country.


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