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Christmas in July...

Mr FF thinks that I have lost the plot as all he hears at present is the word "Christmas".....

I am currently sourcing for Christmas 2010, hence there are Christmas catalogues all over our dining room table.

I have tried telling him that it is common in New Zealand and Australia to celebrate Christmas twice, once in mid-winter and again in December but it is all a bit foreign to him being an Englishman living in France. He is still a bit wary of us antipodeans.....

So if anyone is looking for decorations, you know where to come. I have some fabulous Petit Coterie stockings and lots of other goodies in the Fabulously French Christmas section.

Now where was I? I remember, looking for fabulous angels to go on the top of the Christmas tree.....

A tres bientot,
L x


  1. I love the sound of Englishman living in France..(smile) That will be my hubby if we were move to France. I am keep dreaming.
    Just checked your Chirstmas selection. Cute stuff.

    Julie xx

  2. It's always the right time for Christmas! And you're not alone:
    Rhoda Perrins (the editor of Country Homes and Interiors) is posting Christmas objects on her blog since she's preparing the Christmas issue!!!
    Have a good evening my darling,

  3. I told my husband I would be really good about not spending money but i love the advent calendar! Such cute items you have!

  4. I adore Christmas !!! I've already made a start on some cards and decorations too and even some etchings :o) Lovely blog x

  5. Yes, I totally understand, I've been "doing Christmas" for a few months now, to the dismay of Mr. FgH...since it's been all about the holidays lately. Next month, a full on Holiday Photo Shoot for a magazine. Oh, how he'll mutter about that! :) Have fun!
    xo Lidy

  6. I love those little pots!


  7. I can't think about Christmas just yet. I'm just starting to enjoy the hot weather we're having and hoping it's not going to end just yet.
    I definitely know where to come though for Christmas goodies.

  8. I love that Idea soooo much! I with we celebrated Christmas twice a year in the United States!

    It seems so lovely to do! :)

  9. Christmas is nearer than it seems.... And thinking of it makes me feel less hot!

    Bisous xx

  10. ANY excuse to look at Christmas decorations is a good one in my book - and to celebrate it twice? - well that's just my idea of heaven!
    Mrs. Sutton x

  11. What a great idea! You blog is just beautiful! I am a new follower of yours! I am looking forward to your posts. *hugs*

  12. oohhh! Beautiful Image! xxx

  13. I will definitely be having a look. I have a small obsession with Christmas! Thank you for your lovely comment about grandmothers. I'm so sorry to hear that yours is not well. It must be awful being so far away. I hope she feels better soon.. Enjoy your Christmas in July..Rachaelxx

  14. I am with your husband on this one "Lost the Plot" and about celebrating christmas twice not sure on that one.... but then I do live in the UK. Why is it foreign to your husband, how many other places celebrate twice?

  15. I am new to your site and happy to become the 943 follower. I love Christmas ~ fun to have a little peek of it in the middle of summer.

    I look forward to more visits.


  16. Bonjour Leeann,

    We have often had a Midwinter Christmas Party/dinner... I think, because it makes a change in the dark and cold of winter.
    I will go and take a peek at your decorations.
    Not long now until Christmas- Eek!


  17. When I first heard about this idea I thought it was rather strange as an English girl in Oz but you know what - this year I think I am going to embrace it and cook a Turkey dinner! The weather in Melbourne is right too!! Love the little cute pails decoration. x

  18. Hi Leeann,
    Those Christmas Decorations are just gorgeous. I have been thinking about a Christmas in July party...but I have a feeling this year it will be just that, thoughts :)
    What I wanted to say was "Congratulations" as you are Vintage by Lou Lou's give away winner this week :)
    If you can email your address details through to I will be able to post your gift certificate out for you.
    Enjoy searching for the perfect angel xx

  19. Hi Leeann,
    Those Christmas Decorations are just gorgeous. I have been thinking about a Christmas in July party...but I have a feeling this year it will be just that, thoughts :)
    What I wanted to say was "Congratulations" as you are Vintage by Lou Lou's give away winner this week :)
    If you can email your address details through to I will be able to post your gift certificate out for you.
    Enjoy searching for the perfect angel xx

  20. I am in the middle of organising my annual "Christmas In July" luncheon so thank you for telling all about your Christmas section! How exciting!

    Best wishes,

  21. Oh I LOVE Christmas in July:) We used to go to a fabulous art deco hotel in the Blue Mountains every year for their wonderful xmas in we do our own at home :) I have to go and check out your Christmas section Leeann!! Hope you are having a wonderful week ~ Tina x

  22. Hi - thank you so much for your very kind comments over at my place on the web - what a fabulous life you have in France... do you get pangs for home? I love your Christmas advent pots and yes tell your husband we are having 'Christmas in July' dinner at a friend's next weekend. I spent long enough in the UK to know that antipodeans are a very odd bunch! I look forward to enjoying your posts and I'll try and give you a little taste of home! Ann x

  23. Nothing wrong with that...wish everyday could be like Christmas!!! All the best,Chrissy

  24. Oh Christmas in July is great, what a wonderful tradition!! ENJOY!!

  25. Thinking of Christmas at any time is a good thing. How tremendous to sit and scour through the catalogs. A girls dream!

    Cheers ~

  26. One of the best things about being an Aussie or New Zealander is the opportunity to celebrate Christmas twice. Once in December at the beach and a traditional winter one in July.

  27. Oh YES!

    I'm in New Zealand and we were invited to a magical MID WINTER CHRISTMAS DINNER last weekend.

    We had all the Christmas food and some!

    Must have a look in the shoppe as I usually buy one fabulous new decoration each year!

  28. Christmas twice a year?!? How lucky. If only Starbucks had their peppermint mocha in July, too. :)


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