busy, busy, busy........

{maison No. 20 cuisine}

Did your weekend whiz by? Ours seemed to whiz past before we knew it and Monday/lundi is upon us again.

It was very hot here and hopefully a storm will arrive later today, to cool things down a bit.

As you can see from the above picture the kitchen is progressing and we have the splasback above the stove to go and then a few finishing touches such as hooks under shelves etc. I always find that the bigger pieces of work are easier than the finishing details as I can spend hours sourcing particular items - maybe this is just me.

Yesterday was spent painting an old antique iron bed which I am planning on putting in one of the apartments at Maison No. 20.

I have painted it in my latest favourite Farrow and Ball colour "Charleston Gray" and it is looking fabulous. Once it is finished I will show you a photo......

Also on my painting list is a couple of antique bedside tables which I picked up for the princely sum of 10 euros - merci beaucoup Martine! and will be using these in our bedroom.

So that is pretty much our weekend, how was yours? I am now off to start the ironing/repassage before it gets too hot!

Je vous souhaite à tous une semaine heureuse et merveilleuse

L x


  1. Great progress Leeann....it always feels good when the finishing touches are the thing that takes our attention...might be tough choosing but so fun too....good luck with it, xv.

  2. Leeann..I enjoy hearing and watching your progress. I saw an old antique iron bed in a garden display at Hampton Court Palace recently. Most of the objects were rusted but beautiful all the same. I kept thinking about what a lick of paint would do for them but some things look better in their natural state...in this case they did for sure.

    My weekend...in a bathing suit and a sarong all weekend and I live in Surrey. Four years in Auckland and I did not do that once. It brought back memories of a typical summer weekend in Sydney.

    Cool weather is blowing in..I guess this is typical English weather..blast!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week!!


  3. Looking great! Is that a mirror in the pic? Love it!

  4. Looks beautiful. You sound like an Aussie/Kiwi... waiting for a storm to cool things down! A-M xx

  5. I love sourcing the little details too Leeann - the finishing touches make all the difference. It must be so exciting to see it all coming together so beautifully. xx

  6. Of course your weekend flew by - look how much you accomplished!!! I hope you took the time to enjoy yourself as well, and I look forward to seeing photos of things as you finish them~
    Have a lovely week my friend,

  7. Hi Leeann!
    When you look back at your beginning pictures a few years down the road I'll bet you'll think:HOW DID WE DO ALL THAT?????
    Glad you are still enjoying Maison # 20. Maryanne;)

  8. I know what you mean, every time you turn around its "lundi" again. WOOOSH!
    You are really making progress. CANT WAIT to come for a stay someday!
    Come by for a giveaway if you'd like.

  9. Hi Leeann,

    I love the photo of your new kitchen, and yes, it is the finishing touches that can take time, to finish and get right. I look forward to seeing the finished bed and cabinets.

    Happy week

  10. I just love that arched mirror! Really looking forward to seeing your finishing touches. You've been working very hard I see. ~Lili


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