Brocante fever....

{brocante in our village yesterday}

It seems like the whole of France has brocante fever, every village appears to be having one or is going to have one within the next month or so.

Yesterday our village had one and I can think of nothing nicer than looking at gorgeous objects under the shade of the trees - I always think that chandeliers look best hung from a tree rather than inside a store. It is like they are free.............

Bought a couple of fabulous items, will try and photograph them later as they are bound for my online shop.

Enough about my weekend, what did you get up to?/Qu'avez-vous fait ce week-end?



  1. Hi Leeann,

    How lovely to be able to go to the brocante and to buy a couple of fabulous things for your shop.
    I look forward to seeing what you got.

    Happy week

  2.'s my idea of heaven!!

  3. What a great way to spend a weekend! The Brocante looks fabulous and I agree chandy's hanging from trees look wonderful! xx

  4. It looks fabylous LeeAnn! I'm sure you picked up something pretty and can't wait to see it in your gorgeous shop

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun! Look forward to seeing what you picked up:) xx

  6. Chiner is one of my favorite past time...I also dod it for a living!!Had a fantastic week end, biking, swimming, finishing the vegetable garden fence...

  7. Look forward to seeing what you found at the weekend, no better way to spend a morning than rummaging through a vide grenier for treasures.

  8. Looks great! I am jealous that you were that and I was not! I am glad you had a nice time :)


  9. I almost never find chandeliers here, someone must always get them before me, but wow that would be cool to see them hanging from trees! Glad you found some things for your lovely shop too! ~Lili

  10. oh Leeann, my heart is aching...barely back from France and so ready to go again-soon! I am having serious withdrawel symptons...from the Brocantes!
    thank you for sharing..Colette x

  11. Oh Leeann

    Wonderful discoveries from the brocante hunting!

    I was there enjoying them this time last year, but I'm really the only hunter as such in my family!!


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