Bonne Fête Nationale (Happy National Celebration)!

Tomorrow is France’s national holiday Fête Nationale (Bastille Day for Anglophones). I am sure that most of you already know the history behind Bastille day, but for those of you who would like to know a little more please click here.

It is one of my favourite days of the year to be in France as everyone, young and old across France comes out to celebrate this very important day.

We are hoping that the weather will be fine tomorrow for the village fireworks as today is quite overcast and humid.

Thought this photo was appropriate as it has two of my favourite French items, the flag and the fabulous 2CV.

Alors un tres bonne Fête Nationale France, et vive la France!

L x


  1. Hi Leeann, hope you enjoy the celebrations tomorrow. We go to the Plan d'eau in town when they have the most wonderful firework display which they set off to music over the lake and viaduct. Hope the weather stays warm.

  2. So wished I were in France!! j'adore les bals de village le 14 Juillet. I was supposed to celebrate in Central Park instead, with friends, champagne, a blanket, the Philharmonic and fire works...but instead has to fly to morrow for a business trip...
    Enjoy the fire works

  3. It must be so great to be in France during this time!! The past two years I have gone to the Bastille on 60th celebration in NYC, but had to miss it this year.

    I plan on celebrating with some macarons at home. Ha ha

  4. Dear Leanne,
    I'm pleased you stopped by over here in Sweden.
    Your blog is enchanting...

    I'm an old globetrotter and France is one of my favs, never seem to get enough.

    Je te souhaite un bonne Fête Nationale demain.



  5. Un bonne Fête Nationale!! Vive la France!!
    Good rest and a sweet holiday!
    Bisous!!! Bela.

  6. I've always been so thrilled by french history....what an epical moment the capture of bastille!!! you're a proud nation, I like it.

    Bonne fete nationale à tous le peuple de france!

    xx Zaira

  7. In 1983, my husband was in Paris on Bastille Day. He loved the crowds. I have been there several times, but never got the joy of sharing this holiday there.

    Enjoy a wonderful time.


  8. I have just blogged this week on a market stall called Fourth Child who bake the most delicious of cakes. They celebrated Bastille Day this week by making French gourmet treats - macaroons, eclairs, creme brulee tartlets etc. We were spoilt xx

  9. Hope you get to enjoy champagne and fireworks to celebrate! ~Lili

  10. Happy Bastille day, Leeann and I love the cute 2CV.
    Enjoy the celebrations and fireworks.


  11. I lurvvvveee the car!!! Bonne fête à tous!

  12. What a car :-) Love it !

    Happy day to you ! I'm salubrating here in Sweden today :-)

    Vive la France!

    // Best wishes from Anneli en Suede

  13. Wow...really fabulous.
    Hope you enjoy the celebrations.

    Warm regards from Indonesia

  14. 真棒职位。真的很喜欢读你的博客帖子。

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