Today I love....

{image from here}

....these bookends, are they not fabulous? I really like them.

Today is a busy day for moi as we had guests leave this morning and have more arriving in a few minutes time so I am keeping my nose to the ground. Not sure that this expression translates into French and will not try it.The last time that I tried translating an English expression into French, my French friend replied why say such a thing so I am now careful as to what I say for obvious reasons as some words do not translate literally and can take on a whole different meaning.

I promise to take some photos of the "not quite finished" kitchen when I come up for air.

A tres bientot,
L x


  1. Oh, please!
    I am looking forward to seeing the kitchen!

  2. Bonjour!!! The bookends joins two things I simply love: reading and eating!!! Great!! Curious about the kitchen!!! Have a wonderful week! Kisses all the way from Brasil, Bela.

  3. Those bookends are fabulous and would look great in the kitchen with all your cookbooks in between....

  4. I love it too! Really charming!

    Kristin xx

  5. Love those bookends and POMAX!
    Thanks for the source,

  6. They are very unique and lovely. Do not work too hard and enjoy your day.

    X deb

  7. Simple and lovely and in that photo it works beautifully!


  8. enjoy......if things are not perfect... it is ok.... enjoy... (will you please tell me this in a month?) i obsess when i have guests... they dont care... they are here to spend time together... xx

  9. ohhhh... guests... not esp your family, friends??? i am just getting this ... ok, they will never know if it is perfect or not... they are in france! xx

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  11. Hi, sorry left a comment then deleted it - somehow?
    Love the bookends - they're fab.
    I can sympathise with the translation thing, I have french friends who I find looking at me with a bemused expression and so I have now learnt too that some things you just can't translate.

  12. Bonjour Leeann,

    The bookends are such a unique and neat idea.
    I look forward to seeing the new kitchen.

    Have a great week

  13. I adore those bookends!!
    So creative and perfect for the kitchen's library!



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