Today I love....

......this cushion that the very fabulous Michelle from petit coterie made, for our window seat in apartment deux at Maison No. 20.

It compliments the cushions that we have on the bed also made by Michelle and available in the fabulously french online store.

I love Michelle's work as her quality is second to none and her designs are timeless.

I am looking forward to working more with Michelle in future and we are in the process of designing some fabulous items for Christmas 2010.

I am afraid I have to dash now as I have another date with the dreaded paint brush,

A tres bientot mes amies,

L x


  1. Your cushions are gorgeous! I love the window seat cushion it is perfect in that spot! Have fun with your painting.xx

  2. Beautiful window seat cushion, Leeann. Hope your time with the paint brush is going well...

  3. Today.. I love your post!

  4. I love Michelle's creations either!
    Your cushions are faboulous!
    A nice evening!

  5. Lovely!! The cushions are lovely. Delicate and rustic. Thank you for the beautiful post. Bela.

  6. Just gorgeous...looking forward to Christmas 2010 already with your collaboration and ideas xx

  7. Just found your blog and had to chime in that I love Michelle's work, too! I posted about her in the fall and have one of her pillows and a little rug (similar to your cushion). Love the way it looks on a bench! -Linsey

  8. I love your cushion! and Michelle's work is amazing!!!

    Have a great day!

  9. that cushion is perfect! so simple, but makes a great statement. perfect for a cottage...

  10. I so love your sweet blog -
    What a joy :)

    Anna Margaret ~

  11. So beautiful!!! I love that cushion too!


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