Marche Nocturnes......

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It is official now, the marche nocturne/night markets in our village, have commenced tonight which means that the season has started.

They will be held every Tuesday night until the first week in September. Mr FF and I had a stroll around the market and in typical "moi" fashion I even managed to find a great dress which Mr FF kindly bought for me.

So if you are at a loose end on a Tuesday night, you know where to come.

Bonne soirée from a very hot SW France,

L x


  1. Bonsoir, our evening markets run through all of July and August. You buy your food from local producers and then they BBQ your meat for you and there is alway live music. These are really great summer evenings.
    Enjoy yours. Nickyx

  2. how lovely! pour me a glass of wine, and i'll cruise through with you soon. :)

  3. Merveilleux! When I was going to school there was a block of shops and other neat places that stayed open late once a month. Food, wine, music, and some of the best shopping I did on a broke college kid budget. I'd love to see what kinds of treasures you could find there, though!


  4. Sounds like a lovely evening LeeAnn, and a new dree makes it even better. It has been hot in Paris too.

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  6. Oops, I meant to say - a new dress makes it even that was tough...

  7. I wish our local farmers market would organise an event at night. It sounds idyllic.

  8. Hi L
    I so wish I were there to visit the night market. Lucky you!!

    Julie xx

  9. Can't wait to see all the wonderful things you find and eventually purchase.

  10. What fun!
    I can't wait to see what you find!

  11. That is a lovely way to spend a Tuesday night! Lucky you. xx

  12. Fly me across the ocean! It would
    be worth it just to see the night
    market! Enjoy the beautiful Summer!

    Flora Doora

  13. Hi Leeann,

    I would be there in a dash.... wishing here.
    The Tuesday night market sounds like fun and glad that you got a new dress.


  14. I need to come over :-) How wonderful to have night markets, think they are such a great idea!

  15. Hi Leeann

    I've got the picture! I googled Eymet link you gave and it all looks lovely - no wonder you live here!! It seems to support it's non-french inhabitants too.

    Will you show us your dress please?!

  16. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Tuesday evening xx

  17. Wow Leeann, these markets look beautiful! Lucky lady to find a beautiful dress:) Enjoy your warm weather ~ Tina xx

  18. I am full of jealousy! A night market sounds fantastic.

  19. I just love night markets! Just about to start our 4th of July holiday under beautiful sunny sky. Heard from my parents how hot it is in the South of France...


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