J'aime papier peint....

{image from here}

Hope that you all had a fabulous weekend, ours was busy and involved sourcing some additional items for our new kitchen, including some open shelves which I will paint during the course of the week.

As you know I have a thing about wallpaper or papier peint as it is called in French and have even had Mr FF wallpaper the inside of some of the wardrobes at Maison No. 20.

So you will probably not be surprised to know that I am in love with this wallpaper.

Just looking at it, makes me feel inspired.....

Je vous souhaite à tous une semaine fabuleuse,

L x


  1. It has taken me years to get the ugly version of wallpaper out of my head (especially those from the 70's), but they now offer some really beautiful collections. I love these that you have posted - c'est magnifique!

  2. So pretty!!! Très chic!! Lindo!! Love wallpaper as well. Lucky week in the new kitchen. Au revoir. Bela.

  3. I too love wallpaper!I never grow tired of it!
    This one is so lovely! It is going to look incredible in your new kitchen!
    Happy week!

  4. I like the sound of your wallpapered wardrobes - that sounds lovely!

  5. Oh so lovely Leeann - gorgeous rich colours too.. x

  6. In the past, I never cared too much about wall papers, but lately I've seen so many pretty ones that I am starting to fall in love with them.
    My first project with it was in my daughter's bedroom, now I am looking around the house thinking "where else??"
    You showed us a beautiful sample here!

  7. A lovely wallpaper Leeann.

    Could it be a vintage french design?

    I can imagine it in one of your houses.

    It's quite cold in NZ now but today's the shortest day, so it's all good from here!


  8. Hi Leeann,

    I love the beautiful wall paper you have shown.
    I also like wallpaper.

    Happy week

  9. What a cool idea to paper the inside of a wardrobe! Looking forward to seeing where you use this fabulous paper! ~Lili

  10. Hope you can find a wee spot for it somewhere. Great colours! xx

  11. this is beautiful! have a wonderful week...verbena cottage

  12. the wall paper is beautiful! thanks for stopping by my new blog! I will list yours in my side bar! ciao, bella!!

  13. Lovely wallpaper - and inspiring to me, too!

  14. That is just stunning. I love it.
    Ness xx


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