Monday, 28 June 2010

Bonjour Lundi....

Bonjour mes amis, hope that you all had a fabulous weekend. Here in SW France it was a very busy with lots of guests at Maison No. 20 and also tres chaud (very hot) week-end.

Which means that I am going to be spending most of my day doing the washing and cleaning.

I would rather be in Nice near the sea, cruising the gorgeous streets on this fabulous vespa. I particularly loved this about Nice - not only did all the young girls look chic but they all had shiny vespas.

Mr FF thinks that I should stick to my velo, as it is not as dangerous. There is a company that hires them nearby for anyone that thinks that they may like to give it a try.

Je vous souhaite à tous une semaine fabuleuse,

L x


  1. Wow fantastic photo! Love the red Vespa but I think I would stick to the velo myself :) Happy Monday.

  2. A shiny red vespa. Now that's something I may try...someday. They are quite nice, aren't they?

  3. You would look tres tres chic on a wee Vespa Leeann. Is now a good time to confess that we have one in our garage that is just waiting for me to learn how to ride it!

  4. I saw more girls on vespa's in Rome and they were all very young, and beautiful, and nerves of steel!!!

    I'm so glad that Maison #20 is flourishing.

  5. that is one stunning image!! does it come any better than red?! jx

  6. I have never been on a Vespa and I'd love to try it!

  7. I am very intrigued by the red Vespa.
    Not practical but would love to have one. Love you blog.

    Stop by and visit.


  8. Vespas are commom here in Brazil!! Colorful and windy!!! LOVE them!! Sweet week. Bisous, Bela.

  9. Beautiful vespa! Have a great week!:)

  10. I so have always wanted a Vespa. My husband says that it is too dangerous and I might injure myself.

  11. They are really cute, my friend that recently moved to Florida has her eye on a pink one! Happy laundering.... ~Lili

  12. hilarious! i blogged about this same subject today. i want one for oxford- and my husband is thinking i'm much more "bike bound..." it's quite tragic, really.

    i'm headed to marseilles in a few weeks. any great recommendations for a place to stay there or along the riviera?

  13. Hi Leeann,

    What a lovely shiny red vespa and the perfect transport for the beautiful weather you are having.
    Friends of ours in Paris, were complaining of the heat.

    I hope that you are having a great week

  14. Hi, hope its OK to contact you here. would love to include your blog on our giveaway blog network: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested drop us a line on our contact form ( thanks, Josh

  15. That is one fabulous Vespas. Would be fantastic to buzz around on it discovering new places xx

  16. I just stumbled on your blog recently and I really enjoy it! This flashy red Vespa was a nice change of pace to an otherwise grey Monday!


  17. but the vespa is so dashing!!!

  18. I have a Vespa, love them. I can go zooom, zooom on it! Her name is Mia. Riki


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