Bonjour Juin and I won a giveaway....

{see below for details}
I have a feeling that Juin is going to be a fabulous month. I spoke to our neighbour this morning who owns the electrical shop in the village re ordering a fabulous stainless steel dishwasher and he has advised that it will delivered Thursday afternoon.

You girls will laugh as the last thing that Mr FF said this morning is do not forget to go and order the dishwasher and fridge, but I have a feeling that the dishwasher arriving Thursday is not going to make him happy as we have to paint the kitchen and grout the tiles before we can install it. I may have to break the news to him very gently.....

And then when I returned home from doing my chores in the village, I logged onto my email and there was an email from, to say that I had won these gorgeous prints........I am very happy today or in Francais je suis très heureux aujourd'hui.

They are so gorgeous and I love pictures hanging in groups of three and think that I will hang them in our new bedroom when it is finished in a couple of weeks time.

{all photos from being ruby}

So it is a big merci beaucoup to Julie and to all of you for your lovely comments re the passing of our friend. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave them.

A demain mes amis,
Signed a much happier L x


  1. Congratulations on your win! They are beautiful!


  2. Congrats Leeann!! The pictures are just great!! xxx

  3. I love it when that happens! The picturs are beautiful.

  4. Congratulations! The photos are just stunning!

  5. You lucky thing!!! Julie's work is wonderful. I say great things are in store for you this month!!!


  6. Congratulations! I must confess that I am a bit envious! Enjoy your gorgeous Julie originals! :)

  7. How absolutely gorgeous are those prints...I just love them you lucky lucky lady xx

  8. Oh bliss a new dishwasher and fridge - LOVE new appliances and your beautiful pictures too... Yes a great start to June Leeann! x

  9. HI Leeann
    I'm really happy you like them and hope they will bring good cheer to your June... Sorry to hear about your friend.. very sad... xx Julie

  10. Bonjour Leeann,

    Congratulations on your beautiful win, the rose pictures are gorgeous and will be lovely in the bedroom.

    Happy week

  11. Congratulations, what a wonderful way to start the month!!! Can't wait to see the photos of your projects!

  12. Hi Stranger, so glad you won. You deserve it. I am back blogging and do hope to do a post on the lovely cushions I won from you last year. Still enjoy reading your posts.

  13. Congratulations on your win! But...I believe you are a girl so "je suis très HEREUSE, aujourd'hui" instead of HEREUX which would be for a man. :)

  14. Congrats on your prize and your new dishwasher! :)

  15. Congrats on winning those beautiful prints - 3 will look lovely.

    Condolences Leeann and wishing that each summer day brings some happy memories for you both.

    We bought our DD in France a dishwasher nearly 7 years ago and it is still in it's original box!! I couldn't LIVE without mine!!

    Looking forward to some pics of your new kitchen.


  16. Looks like June is a winner for you! Congrats on the beautiful prints and enjoy you new appliances.


  17. Oh, those prints are very swoon worthy! Congrats dear Leeann! ~Lili

  18. Julie's prints have gone to the best of homes! Happy painting Leeann.
    Millie ^_^


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