A weekend of shopping..........

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Hope that you all had a fabulous Mother's day and got very spoilt yesterday.

It is 8h40 in the morning here in France and our French electrician has come and installed the cable to connect our new oven - very efficient, I think.

Our poorly plasterer dragged himself from his death bed and worked the whole weekend, so a big merci beaucoup to Mr. T, your efforts are much appreciated.

Our weekend was another busy one as whilst the plasterer was doing his thing, we were busy sourcing items for our new kitchen/dining area at Maison No. 20.

You may think that this is a straight forward enough task but in France, shopping takes on a whole different meaning.

For example we went to a large shop that sells building materials etc and wanted to order a shower fitting.

We already knew from previous experience that these have to be ordered in as they are expensive so they order on demand.

Fortunately Saturday was a public holiday hence most of the locals were sleeping in and the shops were relatively quiet.

I manage to find a sales assistant and tell him what we want.

I am then taken to a very upmarket area with high stools and computer. We go through the usual formalities, name......spell name.......such a pretty name.......where do you come from....NZ - that is a long way.......had some friends that visited Australia and New Zealand......it is a beautiful part of the world.......where do you live in France........do you like it?..etc.

As you can tell from the above, buying one object takes a while hence if you have many items to buy and all of which require a visit to a different shop, you are in for a long day.

Our next call was a fabulous shop called Castorama which sells pretty much every thing that you need to renovate/build/decorate a house.

This is where I bought two of the hanging lights that you see in the photo above. As soon as I saw them, I knew that I had to have them.

Would you believe that they are Danish, I googled the brand "Nordlux"and found the most fabulous lighting website so will have bookmarked this site for future use.

They have a fabulous range of lighting, all of which is simple and chic in design.

Today I am expecting a package to arrive from America so am very excited as it is something that I wanted from the minute that I saw it and it is very fabulous and oh so french....

Back later, here's wishing you all a happy week/Je reviendrai plus tard, je vous souhaite à tous une semaine heureux,

L x


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment about my desk Leeann. To answer your question, yes, it's easy-peasy to re-cover that style of chair. The insert should pop or screw out then you just need to remove the woven cane (that's what was originally on mine) and attach some fabric with a staple gun before replacing the seat.
    Good luck!

  2. Love the light, very stylish! I now have my copy of Coco before Chanel :) just need to get rid of Craig for the night, that shouldn't be hard, don't think he's ever turned down a night out with the boys! A nice bottle of Rose and away I go, let you know the verdict :)

  3. I love that you are living and shopping in France and are awaiting for something French from America!!! Sorry that just makes me giggle. Do love the lights am of to check out the site.

  4. Thanks for the light tip! Will have to beam on over to that source & take a peek!

  5. Hello
    It all sounds so wonderful from this end...shopping in France and redoing a home. It really sounds like it is right out of one of my dreams but like anything it has it's ups and downs.
    Have a wonderful week and thank you for the lighting source

  6. The lights look fabulous! I think shooping in France sounds amazingly fun!!

  7. Adore the lights Budgie! Really do. Love the rouge of your dining room and wonder if it won't look a bit like the one above...
    Hmm - I'm looking forward to packages from the US too but they're not French ;-)


    PS the anti spam word for this comment was 'parme.' Is it a sign? Could it be your next colour?


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