I love the colour rouge....

{image from here}

I love this photo as it has all the colours that I am going to be using in our new kitchen/dining room. At present I have a thing about rouge, white and taupe. Note it took me 3 hours yesterday, to select a colour for the kitchen cabinets and I now have the test pot so will be trying it out this morning, just need to decide what to test it on.

A bientot,

L x

p.s. the package did not arrive yesterday and has been rescheduled for delivery today!


  1. Good morning! I have appreciated this post so much! It is funny (to me, I think it isn't for you) the way people ask you so many things at every word you say! I think it would be quite alike here in Italy...definitely it would!!!
    I am very curious now about the parcel arriving from the US..!Will you post about it?
    I will have a look at the light website, I am searching for appliques, maybe I will find something there! Francesca

  2. We're getting a new kitchen, too, so I know what you're going through. For the cabinets we've chosen off-white.
    I like the photo you posted, using rouge as an accent colour - otherwise it can become too heavy and look overdone. I can just imagine all the fabulous dinner parties there, it looks so inviting...

    Have a great day!

  3. I keep changing my mind over our kitchen, and Brunnell is starting to lose patience! Says it just gives the architect an excuse to charge more. So at least you have your colours in mind. I've got as far as the blackboard wall and white - just not sure which shade of white!! xx

  4. I just love that choice of colour mixes...stunning. And that round dining table is gorgeous..I would love to go round for a change...it looks just so inviting. Cant wait to see how your kitchen makeover turns out. x

  5. J'adore ce rouge....and i am not a red type...but it is stunning in this room....If I can, I will try to visit the shop while at my parents this month (we leave near Agen in Lot et Garonne)

  6. Oooo sounds like your kitchen/dining area are going to be fabulous!!! I'm just starting to be interested in using some red in my home and finding it can be so great!

    Hope you are having a lovely week ~

    :) T

  7. There is something powerful and mysteriously seductive about rouge in a room. When used correctly, it can do wonders for a room. Your color palette for your room sounds like it will be lovely. Thanks as always for stopping by. Have a wonderful week. =)

  8. Dear Leeann,
    That dining room looks just perfect. The colours go so well together. I bet you are so excited. It's so lovely when a decorating project comes together, isn't it ? Have a great week. XXXX

  9. Delightful combination - particularly the way the colors are distributed in this photo you've selected. Just the right amount of rouge...to be interesting and lively yet still sophisticated and serene.

  10. Fabulous room and the colors are so fresh! Don't you just love the floor? And as for rouge... rich and in the right amount!
    Inspiring post... it give me something to think about!

  11. That patterned fabric on the dining chairs is divine. I would love to find out the name if anyone knows.

  12. Hi Leeann,
    Thank you for visiting and comment,I love this image red and grey look so nice together.
    Have a nice day,

  13. Beautiful, it's very fresh, clean and crisp. I love it.

    I took an hour today to choose 5 colours in copic markers for the journalling class I'm starting!!

  14. I love a neutral room with bright pops of color! This is such a beautiful use of that color!

  15. Oh Leeann that is a beautiful color combination. And I much better prefer the name rouge, than red! ~Lili


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