My motto for the weekend is......

{image from here}

What do you think? Is this a good motto for the week-end?

L x

ps Mr FF has bought me a new paint roller, so 3 guesses what I am going to be doing this weekend.....


  1. I'm with you on that one........except, for me, I would add at the end "slowly" lol

    super cute - did you put that together??

  2. yum...i love cake especial chocolate,carrot oh & hummingbird...i just love all cake...have a cakeasrumpulous weekend Cate

  3. Oooh yes .... let me eat cake!
    Very cute find Leeann ... I love that saying by Marie Antoinette.
    (Oh, and the artist is Australian ... another tick).

    Enjoy your weekend painting with your new roller.

  4. Well put! Lovely. Can't wait to see what you are up to with the roller. lolol..~lulu

  5. sure it is my motto... I love cake and I'm the queen of the lost calm !

  6. Hi Leeann,

    I agree, keep calm and good luck with the painting, dear friend.

    Have a great weekend

  7. Gotta love a man who gifts paint rollers!

  8. Merci Beaucoup sweet Leeann for your purchase of our French Fabrique Tea Towels! And I am even more excited to have met you because of your fabulous BLOG! ooh la la, tres chic!!!
    I will add you to my list of favs - Bon weekend to you also my dear!
    Amy :-)

  9. Oh dear! If you really have to paint, who ever has time to make a cake??? Looks like a fun trip to the patisserie! Have an awesome weekend Leeann! ~Lili

  10. Amen to that, I think I will have to use it as my weekend motto as well!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Have a good weekend and lots of cake while painting ;)

  12. oh no Leeann, I can't!!! I've gained 7 pounds during vacation and I can't lose them!
    hope you have a beautiful weekend! xo

  13. I think that it's a perfect motto, Leeann.
    For myself, after being poisoned by that pesky oyster, I am eating very healthily at the moment and cake is not on the menu....YET !!
    Have a yummy weekend and fun with your new roller !! XXXX

  14. That is an excellent motto for the weekend! What is nicer than to sit down with a warm cup of tea or cappuchino, of course, and a delicious cake? It just makes my day! Happy weekend!!!

    xo's Kristin

  15. Great motto!
    Happy painting - I hope you have stacked up on treats.

    I'll be painting too - only it will be a canvas for a Client, rather than walls.

    Thanks for your comment on my site. I think you are brilliant and so glad you visited me. xx Charlotta

  16. Love it and I already started out my weekend by eating a cupcake on Friday! Three of my little boys at school knocked on my classroom door with a cupcake in hand. It was adorable. Hope the painting project goes well.

  17. I so love that motto! After all that painting you most certainly deserve cake. Happy painting to you, you are not alone as I shall be painting too. Partners in crime.

    Happy weekend to you~

  18. do brownies work? i ate 2 last night... he he have a great weekend...xx

  19. How did I miss the fact that you have a hotel???

    How close are you to Perigeux? (sp? I am referring to the city, not the region)... Anyways, we have friends who live there... just wondered. I would LOVE to come and stay at Maison No. 20!!! Do you allow children... pas les enfants roi...

  20. I like this twist on the old motto!!! Have fun with the painting :)

  21. I think that's a good motto for all the time! ah ha ha

  22. Love this motto and hope you are sticking to it for your weekend and having a happy one L!. x

  23. Seems that my comment was gobbled up by blogger! Make sure you have space for the cake while you're rolling that paint on - and don't dip your roller in the icing! Lots of love Budgie.


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