It all started with finding a perfume box...

{image - moi}

My morning started like this......
Decide to update online shop, inorder to do so, need to find out some history on an old perfume box that I found at the weekend at a local brocante.

Almost an hour later, I emerge almost an expert on the creation of French perfume!

It turns out that my fabulous find dates back to the 1893 and it would have contained perfumed powder,created by Roger & Gallet, Paris.

The perfume range was derrived from the leaves of French violets, just writing this is making me think of the sweet smell of violets - such a beautiful and delicate flower.

{image - moi}

I even managed to find a photo of the whole range complete with gorgeous satin box, created for an exposition in Paris dated 1901.

{image from here}

The collection is fabulous but at an asking price of 3000 USD is a little out of my reach.

Hence I think that an asking price of 30 euros for my box is a little more affordable. It is available in our online shop, details can be found here.

And to think it all started with finding an antique box......

L x

p.s. I will be back later with some photos of the results of my painting and a few other goodies that I found at the weekend.


  1. What a lovely find...Vera Violetta, it sounds wonderful and I can just imagine the scent!

    Have a wonderful day...
    Jeanne :)

  2. How lovely that your find led you to this fascinating information. Love the wee box!

  3. I love the smell of violets.. This box will look delightful in my aqua green powder room!

  4. Hi Leeann,

    Love your sweet vintage Vera Violetta box ~ violets are a really gorgeous flower and such a pretty fragrance.

    Have a lovely week

  5. What a lovely little story behind that box..I dont think I could bare to part with it after all that :)

  6. What beautiful box and how lovely to find out it's history. I love the image of the whole set but unfortunately it is out of my price range also. xx

  7. umm...French violets...even the sound of that is dreamy! Wonderful find...enjoyed the history lesson!...can't wait to see more of your weekend treasures!

  8. Hello! This Vera Violetta range is absolutely fascinating! I think someone should produce it again, it would be a great success with that retro style, so charming!We have lost so many charming things...Francesca

  9. What a great story! I love finding out the history behind antiques! Makes them soo interesting - modern day pieces just don't have stories like that attached to them do they?:)

  10. as they antiquing is an adventure, you will always find the unexpected! maryann

  11. What a lovely find. Looks gorgeous.

  12. What an interesting history. It's amazing to find the history of things. Simply amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow! that was a very creative and fabulous collections I like it so much. Anyway,keep posting guys!


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  15. Yes very nice. Like it a lot


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