Introducing a French bear called Pierre.....

I would like to introduce you to Pierre, a very dapper French bear. The familiar term for a teddy bear in French is "nounours".

Pierre loves to hear his light blue coat, navy cape and oh so french flat peaked cap.

The Pierre teddy bear range is part of our new product range for Spring 2010 and consists of the following fabulous products:

Pyjama bag (10 euros + postage)......

"Ma Chambre" door hanger (6 euros + postage).......

And last but by no means least, Pierre himself (15 euros + postage)..

Also new for Spring 2010 is the Brocante range which consists of french style gorgeous greeting cards, tea towels and a fabulously practical tote bag.

May 2010 will see the arrival of more fabulous Petit Coterie cushions, which I adore and I have used them in a couple of the Maison No. 20 bedrooms.

I have just had Mr FF come up and ask where I want the sink in the new kitchen as he is building walls at present so needs to know what is going where so I had better fly,

A demain mes belle amis,
L x


  1. I love the french tote! And your French bear is darling!

    I tagged you to participate in the "6th published photo" blog game that is circulating around the blog world. Please check out my blog for details!


  2. Lovely assortment of unique items that would make wonderful gifts, too. Give one to yourself and one to a friend!

  3. Lovely items. The bear is precious.



  4. Pierre could certaintly share my antique monogrammed sheets. He is just gorgeous! Looks like your trip to Bordeaux was a success ;-)

  5. Fabulous stuff! Amazing, I am loving it all! Love pierre! ~lulu

  6. He is the dearest little bear...xv

  7. Well hello, Pierre. Aren't you cute?!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  8. Hi Leeann,

    Pierre is a sweetie and love all the other products, also the tote is lovely.
    Good luck with the kitchen, it will be wonderful when finished.

    Hope that your week is going well

  9. Nice to meet Pierre! He's very elegant in blue! Lovely new collection in your shop!
    A nice day to you!"

  10. Great new things for your shop, Leeann. Hope the big renovation is going well.

  11. A new kitchen! I am trés jealous. Cute tote :-)

  12. Pierre is adorable and so are the new items in your boutique !
    Very tempting....
    xx Flaviana


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