Friday Flowers/Vendredi fleurs.....

I love this time of the year in SW France as everyone emerges from their deep sleep and becomes alive again. The shutters on the houses are flung open and flowers start appearing in window boxes and on window sills of the houses in our village.

It is also "marché aux fleurs" time of the year when all the villages have flower/plant markets and I can think of nothing nicer than spending a Sunday morning strolling around a fabulous village admiring the flowers and just enjoying village life in general.

Of course, what I like even more is when they combine the marché aux fleurs with a vide grenier - my idea of French heaven.

Je vous souhaite à tous un beau week-end plein de bonheur et peut-être des fleurs.............

L x

ps The kitchen is progressing, the interior walls are almost all up now and Mr FF is demolishing part of the old ceiling and putting in a new window. As the locals say doucement....


  1. Oh look at those flowers. I'll bet it is just gorgeous there! Can't wait for your kitchen, I'll bet you can't either!

  2. Nowhere are there flowers like in France, the hanging baskets are the most beautiful.

  3. It is such a lovely time of year and, I feel that, this year it's extra special as the winter was so long. I love the markets and always go when we are in France.
    Enjoy the lovely weather Leeann. XXXX

  4. Oh, I do wish I could visit France. I love the language and everything I see about the lifestyle seems so charming and comfortable.
    Flowers on the windowsills..., Très beau.

  5. Leeann, a marche aux fleurs combined with a vide grenier in the South of France, well, that would be my idea of heaven too!

  6. The throwing open of shutters just sounds so French. Functioning shutters - a grand concept for those of us in the states that just want them for looks. That was one thing made me smile upon my first visit to France - my room had functioning shutters - the little things that make me smile. =)

  7. Hello there - I've got a Mr FF as well.

    I saw you over at Dash's and came to say hello.

    I'm almost confident enough that the mornings will be mild enough for my window boxes to go out. Fingers crossed.

  8. Always love your Friday flowers.....If you like window boxes you might want to check out Through the French Eye of Design Blog, she just did a thing on windowboxes. There might be some Friday flowers for you! Maryanne:)Have a great weekend!

  9. have a nice weekend! you are so lucky living in such a amazing coountry

  10. We have our window boxes out and they are doing great. I found these interesting flowers called Champagne Bubble Poppies. They are adorable


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