Yesterday afternoon we set off to collect our table for our new kitchen/dining area at Maison No. 20.

Spring finally arrived yesterday,so it was nice to finally wear some lighter clothes and I even treated my new french sole ballerines to an outing.

The table's current owners live in a beautiful part of France in a village called Beynac which is about an 1 hour and 1/2 drive from our village.

The area is reknown for its lovely golden coloured stone houses and it is though time has stood still.

So I thought that I would be a "tourist" and take some photos to share with you.......

This is the village of Beynac, with its wonderful church perched high on the hill...

The river is directly below the village, what a lovely spring day....

Of course, it would not be a day out without stopping for a coffee.....

And what is a French village without a fabulous hairdressers, most villages have at least two, three, four or even five.....

On the way back we passed La Roque Gageac, La Roque has a most dramatic setting, situated right beside the river, with many of its houses built directly into the face of the huge cliff that overhangs the village.

Mr FF spotted this in a village where we stopped to get a baguette on the way home. Note I say WE but I was looking at a homeware shop whilst he was getting our baguette to nibble on, on the way home.

A close up of the Saint, basking in the spring sunshine....

Here is a photo of the table, which I am planning on patining the bottom half.....

And last but by no means least, here is the last item that I picked up whilst out to buy a baguette last week, it is one half of two panels which look like false books, I adore it as I have a thing about false books at present! I have not decided where I am going to use it yet...

I am off to get a cup of coffee, as all this talk of travelling and buying things has worn me out....

J'espère que vous avez un jour fabuleux!

L x


  1. MAGNIFIC!!! speechless...and totally and utterly jealous!! :) x

  2. The village of Beynac is so beautiful Leeann ... perched up on that hill!
    And what a wonderful find with your table ... a great little adventure you have had to pick it up.
    Cant wait to see it in your new kitchen.

    Glad to hear the weather is warming up for you ... we have had warmer weather in London also ... so good to finally wear less layers!

  3. What a beautiful village! I'm sure no one walks to church! LOL!
    Can you imagaine climbing up that hilltop.

    Love your photos. Love your farm table.

    Great post.


  4. This little village is the stuff that my dreams are made of!
    I could use a little trip like this!
    Your table is lovely...I look forward to seeing it in the little kitchen at Maison no.20.
    Hope you enjoy the Spring weather!

  5. I have become a recent follower of your blog and I love it!

    That table is just so gorgeous! And that chair! I love the lines.

    I wish I could just jump into those photos, it is absolutely gorgeous there! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a wonderful day out - thank you for the photographs and the table is great - look forward to seeing it again when you have finished with it! x

  7. Ah, I find myself a little tongue-tied looking at these beautiful pictures! That village is gorgeous. I always knew France was beautiful but this has taken my breath away, thanks for sharing.

    Love the faux book panels. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  8. What a lovely blog you have! I am having lots of fun reading it, this last post is just so inspiring...
    Finally it's spring around here in Ohio, and I know exactly how you feel about a sunny day. Thanks for all the beauty you share with us.

  9. I'm still enjoying my travels with you. Love the table and want the faux books!!!!!

  10. I adore the photos of the beautiful villages - what I wouldn't do to be able to spend an afternoon walking around them with my camera!
    I can't wait to see what you do with the table. I have one that is very similar and would love to be inspired to try something else with it...

  11. Breathtaking scenery. I have a thing for stone and I see it everywhere there . What a great place to explore and discover great finds while stopping for coffee along the way! ~Lili

  12. What a fun adventure to find your beautiful table! I especially luv the Madonna basking in the French soleil, and the "salon de the."

  13. I want to be you! Love that little village and your table is great! I'm afraid I'm going to have to plan a trip soon. Maybe in September!

  14. Love the Village, the table and the faux books ;-) Keep the baguettes coming!

  15. Beynac is beautiful, and so is your table. I bet you're excited to get it in your new kitchen.

  16. thanks for the lovely tour today. it's so fun traveling with you!
    i think the panel of faux books would make for an interesting headboard....turned on it's side. the books would just looked stacked.

  17. What a lovely blog! I am so glad I found you! Do you attend the Maison et Objet show in Paris? Merci.....

  18. Hi Leeann,

    Love your new table and that village looked amazing. thank you for sharing your day out and lovely photos.

    Have a great weekend

  19. Oh what a beautiful and serene village, Leeann.
    Overlooking the water as well. How lovely. The perfect place to go on the first glorious day of Spring. XXXX

  20. So pretty! Your purchases and the village! Thank you for being a tourist for us ;)

  21. I have not been to that part of France, it looks like a place to add for future explorations. Love the faux book panels!

  22. oh it looks so beautiful-wish i was there!!thanks for sharing and love reading your blog and dreaming here in sunny south africa!!

  23. What a beautiful place! Every time I look at your blog it makes me long for France even more. I'm working on a vacation! Would like to get more info from you on your rentals.

  24. I wish I could go for a row in that little boat on the beautiful river. Gorgeous scenery, such a lovely shopping trip to go on.

  25. what a lovely village it is definitely going on my list of places to visit during my next trip to france.


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