New Mirror and fabulous antique toile de jouy...

Fabulous antique toile de jouy pelmet, see below for details....

As promised here is a photo of my new mirror, this shape is called oeil de boeuf in French which translates to bull's eye. It is called this because of the shape..........

And here is a photo of my new mirror, in our stairwell. Merci Mr FF for taking the time to hang it for me on his return from a hard days work building.

While I had the camera out, I thought that I would show you a photo of a chair that I recently bought, I love the lions head details on each corner of the chair and the tapestry is so pretty and looks almost medieval.

Today I had a visit from Madame J, my fabulous fabric lady - I call her this as she is an expert of antique french fabric.

Today she bought me a couple of fabulous items, including this fabric 18th century toile de jouy pelmet.

You will recall that I had a smaller one which was snapped up by a client who lives in Germany.

This is quite large (180 cms Lx 63 cms W/71" L x 25 " W) and is the last piece available. It was hung in a local chateau and is great condition considering it's age.Note it is backed with another fabric which has come away but this is easily fixed by a little bit of hand sewing.

I love the detail of the older toile de jouy fabrics, this is something that is missing from the modern day reproductions.

It would look fabulous in a childs room with white voile underneath, oh so french.

It is 100 euros, a small price to pay for such a fabulous piece of history.

A tres bientot,

L x


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  2. Really a piece of history! ottimo acquisto!

  3. I love your new mirror and the old toile de Jouy is stunning!
    Hugs and a nice week end1

  4. that mirror is so stunning.

  5. Your new mirror looks fabulous in the stairwell Leeann! Your chair is also gorgeous, I love that detail in the chair and in the fabric. Wow - that toile de jouy is amazing, how incredible to be able to purchase something so beautiful and old!! I hope it goes to a beautiful new home. ~ Tina x

  6. Toile de Jouy is a big fave of mine. Makes me reminisce about past lives. Bisous

  7. Your mirror is so beautiful. I love the frame and shape. It's simple but quite dramatic at the same time and that is always a very good thing. The fabrics are lovely too.

  8. Oh goodness my heart stopped over everything in this post. You really are living in the epicentre of divine style and gorgeousness. A-M xx

  9. Love the mirror but the toile pelmet is to die for.. just beautiful...It will be snapped up it it hasn't already gone by now!

  10. Lovely mirror, fits the French feel.

  11. I adore the mirror & the chair...the mirror I could buy here in Oz but that chair is very special you would never find the fabric...
    great buy..cate

  12. That is fascinating to see an up close image showing the detail of the older toile. It's a very lovely fabric on it's own, but knowing it's 18th century is amazing. Your bulls eye mirror looks wonderful too. ~Lili

  13. I love toile...Maybe obsessed with it LOL.
    Gros bisous

  14. The detail on the old toile fabric is so beautiful. Love it! How I envy you being surrounded by so many gorgeous old treasures. xx

  15. Oh my goodness that pelmet stopped my heart for a second! The new mirror is wonderful too Leann!.....And the chair!!I LOVE all your finds! Vanna

  16. Hi Leeann,

    Love all your new purchases, the mirror, new chair and the gorgeous piece of old toile fabric.
    Have a great weekend


  17. That mirror is amazing! And that chair!

  18. Hi Leeann. LOVE that pelmet. Been in such the quilted pelmet (18th century) mood lately. I have a similar mirror...huge...hanging in my tiny office (which makes it look even bigger). We just don't have enough mansard roof lines and zinc oeil de boeuf's in California!


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