Happy, happy, happy...

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Today I am happy.......the sun is shining, the plasterers are here working on what is going to be our new bedroom/ensuite bathroom and I am working on the interior of our new kitchen.

The photo above, is my inspiration for our new kitchen/dining area. The reason I like it is because it has all the items that I love, fabulous monogrammed tea towels, louis style chairs, fabulous curtains and of course, some cafe au lait bowls.

As you know I already have the same chairs as in the photo and am planning on giving them the "patine" treatment.

Tomorrow we are off to collect an antique oak table that has a planked style top with drawers at either end, I cannot wait to collect it as I have been searching for one for a long time.

We are going to have a small window seat so I have ordered a fabulous cushion for this area, from Toast.

I am planning on having a kitchen island so I am on the hunt for two bar stools and would like a pair of antique ones, if possible.

So now you know what I am going to be doing for the next month or so, driving Mr FF crazy with all my kitchen design ideas and scouring the brocantes and vide greniers for fabulous, french items to go in my new kitchen/dining area.

Vous souhaitant à tous une belle journée,

L x

p.s. have not forgotten about sharing my other purchases from last week's "baguette expedition" with you but it is difficult to photograph today whilst the plasterers are working, so will show you tomorrow!


  1. What a gorgeous project to be working on! Can't wait to see your table - sounds fabulous. Enjoy the sunshine. Leigh

  2. Sounds lovely, looking forward to seeing the table and both the en suite and kitchen as you go

  3. These are such wonderful projects - no wonder you are so happy! I saw that cushion on the Toast website just at the weekend and thought how lovely it looked! X

  4. With a picture like that for inspiration you can't go wrong!

  5. There's nothing like a little sunshine ... and an inspirational image to make one happy!
    What an exciting project Leeann ... cant wait to see its progression!

    Have a great week.

  6. Just looking at that picture makes me happy! It all sounds wonderful..can't wait to see the table!

    Jeanne :)

  7. Bonjour LeeAnn,
    It is so exciting when you see everything starting to come together! Anxious to see the fianl reveal.
    And yes, isn't this sunshine wonderful? Paris was gorgeous today! I am ready to ditch the overcoat!
    A bientôt,

  8. Hi Leeann! I love your inspiration picture and I can't wait to see your finished project! Could you please send some of that nice weather my way? *winks* Vanna

  9. I am so excited by your post and know you are having so much fun with this.
    Your ideas are great and I can't wait to see it all come together.
    I am so happy for you - a new house and all the fabulous things that come with it.

    Good luck my dear and I can't wait to hear more.


  10. You have a nice blog. I like the pictures.:-) Stina

  11. sounds like a wonderful plan, I can feel your excitement. please share your photos of this project with us!

  12. Oh how happy you sound! Love your inspiration picture and looking forward to seeing your progress. ~Lili

  13. So exciting to be working on such a fun and personal project Leeann, I just love kitchens:) I love the cushion you have chosen, just gorgeous and I can't wait to see your dining chairs when you have finished!! Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina x

  14. Leeann, your new kitchen area plans sound absolument magnifique! I just hope than I can one day come and sit on one of your chairs and have a cafe au lait with you :)

  15. Looking forward to sharing some bubbles in a kitchen like that! Have a wonderful time scouring the flea markets - will see what I can find for you in the local ones here... Bisous

  16. and please remember to post before/after pictures of your kitchen!
    I am sure it will end being amazing


  17. cannot wait to see the finished kitchen love the fabulous photo..Cate

  18. What a terrific project. I feel like I am doing it with you. In fact, I may just go on the hunt for some pretty things myself.
    Keep us posted.


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