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"Dream your dreams with open eyes and make them come true."
~ T. E. Lawrence

This morning I was reading a fabulous post about dreaming on the gorgeous Cherry Blossoms blog. It got me thinking, what do I dream about?

I dream about a house by the sea, a barn big enough to hold my treasures, a garden just big enough for my wee dog that Mr FF says that I am allowed, once we have a garden.

I also dream of finding a fabulous chateau that has been locked for years and inside are the most fabulous treasures just waiting for moi.

What do you dream about?

L x


  1. What a fantastic dream! Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed the inspirational quote! ~lulu

  2. What a gorgeous dream Leeann! Funny how things are all relative, but right now I dream of spending a whole night asleep in my own bed, instead of squashed in a single with our 3 yr old who is refusing to sleep alone!! Hopefully both our dreams will come true sooner rather than later:) Happy weekend to you ~ Tina x

  3. Beautiul blog and a great question, I dream of someday having a gorgeous home to Put on our beautiful property and to have fun filling it with treasures. And to be off jetsetting around europe.. Not to much to ask... May all our dreams come true.

  4. When you find that Chateau, can I come and see what treasures you find ?!!
    I love that Rodney Smith photograph.
    Have a great weekend, Leeann. XXXX

  5. The quote is great. I need to take it to heart. I dream about winning the lottery so I can quit my day job and open an amazing store. My job will be to travel to Europe to find all the fabulous treasures ~ maybe I'll find your chateau. In the meantime, I'm living a mini version of my dream. Baby steps. I love your photos! Have a great weekend.

  6. I'm here in my seaside cottage (California) dreaming of my French vacation next week. I adore Paris and all things French and can not wait to return.

  7. Thank you so much for the lovely blog mention! What a great, inspiring quote. I am going to add it to my list of favorite quotes!

  8. I dream of having my own Paris apartment one day and moving there.

  9. Bonjour Leeann,

    What a wonderful dream and photo ~ sounds great to me, and wouldn't that be neat to have it come true.

    Enjoy your weekend

  10. I so love your dream! What kind of wee dog do you dream about? A chateau filled with treasures, that works for me too! ~Lili

  11. Most definately a house by the sea. We went to dinner over the weekend to friends who have a house by the sea, and I loved hearing the waves breaking on the sand when we stepped outside. They say they open the windows at night and enjoy the sound while tucked up in bed. Wonderful!

  12. I dream of one day seeing Paris...I love all things french
    I dream of one day owning a cottage by the sea..
    I dream of joy , joy , joy!

    Enjoyed your post
    Pamela :)

  13. love all your dreams and can relate to them too!
    i'm dreaming about renovating my home for it to have a Parisian elegance. but with our still unsettled plans, don't know where and when it's going to happen :-( my inspirational files, both computer and tear-out, are bursting at the seams and I can hardly wait to begging.
    thank you for adding my blog to your blog roll.
    hope you have an exiting week ahead.


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