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Ce matin....

This morning I went out to buy a couple of baguettes....

I returned with some antique plates, antique petit easel, 2 fabulous prints of hot air balloons over Paris and another of the same balloons over London, a couple of French interior design books,

{this is one of books, it is fabulous}

a couple of magazines and an old painting that needs restoring...

The books are borrowed from my friend that has a Brocante store in the village and the painting was a gift from the same friend.

Needless to say I forgot the baguettes.

This afternoon I set off again, intending to get my baguettes, I got two steps from our front door when a neighbour - another brocanteur yelled out "come and see what I have".

I returned home with this fabulous jewellery box ........

I just had to have it, I have never seen one like this before.....

Not sure if I should venture out again as there is no telling what I will return I just need to think of something to tell Mr FF when he asks where the baguettes are!

The last thing he said to me when he left for work was "do not buy anything today!".

a very naughty L x


  1. be still my heart. all of those items are so beatuiful. i say go out again . . . 3rd time is a charm! get your man his baguettes and he probably will be too busy eating/enjoying them to even bother asking if you bought anything today. oh, and don't forget to post photos of your new, third time out, finds! ;)always enjoy your blog!

  2. NOW you understand why I wall myself up here in the country. I'm lethal anywhere near civilisation. I may have to make my own baguettes - but I can now walk into my garage without fear of my 'collections' caving in on me ;-) LOVELY post. You did give me a giggle! Just finished the post I started this morning...

  3. Leeann, you made me laugh a lot with this post!! Poor Mr FF wainting for his baguettes...but men don't understand when a woman MUST buy things like those you have. We all are with you...

    Bisous xx

  4. Oh my goodness I need to get that book & I want that jewelry box. So pretty. You have amazing style. I love your store as well. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! VEry inspiring!
    Take Care,
    P.S. What did you tell Mr. FF You are a crack up!

  5. That's my kind of shopping trip, Leeann.
    I love all of the things that came your way....I'm sure that you have ways of making Mr FF understand !! XXXX

  6. Man might be able to live on bread alone, but woman certainly can't! It's all about priorities. Your finds are just lovely.

  7. treasures are found when you least expect it...i think you are on a roll! no pun intended =)

  8. I love your story! It reminds me of my daughter who, when living in Paris, also went for a baguette. She began to nibble it on the way home. When she got to her front door, she realized that she did not have enough left for breakfast for her and her husband.

    And OMG, what great finds!

  9. I think it makes perfect sense to me - I betcha Mr. FF will make perfect sense of it too! LOL

    Fun Fun!!! I love the bowls on the cover of the book! So bright and fun and pretty!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  10. Oh well... you HAD to get that jewelry box!

  11. it seems like you are finding treasures right at your doorsteps. your post is funny, too. enjoying your blog always!

  12. those bowls are beautiful!

  13. Don't worry, you can get baguettes anytime, everywhere. You got a real treasure. Enjoy!

  14. I love, love, love, your jewellery box :)

  15. wow. that jewelry box is gorgeous. definitely a very special and beautiful find :)

  16. Oh, the painting and box are sooo magnificent!

  17. Well,,,,I certainly live in the wrong neighborhood! I have no such temptations when I step out the door! You have a good eye for the best treasures. The book looks great.

  18. Thanks for stopping by! I absolutely love your blog! Fab..Love all those amazing finds! My husband tells me the same thing everyday! lol..~lulu

  19. Love all your finds ... especially the book, I hope Mr FF got his baguettes in the end - lol :)

  20. Oh isn't it always the way! Do our husbands know us or what??? But oh my goodness, did you ever hit the jackpot today! Lovely, lovely finds. ~Lili

  21. Ah HAH - How I have missed you - you are such a tonic...I'll get back to my regular visits soon

  22. Hi Leeann,

    So did Mr FF get his baguettes?
    I love all the beautiful treasures you got today.
    It would be hard to go out without buying these lovely things.


  23. i would like to borrow that magic door please.

  24. Oh my you must get the baguettes and make them into crunchy little croutons to serve over a miniature salad in your charming bowls....that way Mr FF will be oblivious to the mound of stuff you brought home :) I too love the jewelry box.

  25. If it helps to smooth things over with Mr. FF, I am exactly the same - just ask MOTH!
    Millie ^_^

  26. Who needs baguettes when you can have these gorgeous treasures instead Leeann :) I love them all! How gorgeous is that jewellery box!!! Enjoy your new lovelies ~ Tina xx

  27. I love love love your jewelery box! it's unique. and the book too.
    looks like the painting is not damaged, good thing. it needs a beautiful frame now. maybe next time you step out to buy a baguette :-)
    hugs from hong kong

  28. No baguettes?? Isn't that a mortal sin in France?! But your finds are amazing and the book looks fabulous too! Hope you smoothed it over with Mr FF!

  29. What great finds!!! You need to get a baguette more often. =)

  30. You should go and buy baguettes more often. Such great finds..

  31. Awesome purchases! I say go out for more baguettes!

  32. Boy...I needed a laugh! Hysterical! Love that jewelry box...thank goodness you stepped out the door a 2nd time! Trish

  33. Leeann bread is temporary, these treasures will endure! and quelles tresors the book! must go find it..

    xx Kit

  34. This is too funny! Maybe he won't notice there are no baguettes for dinner ;)

  35. My motto is, "It's fun to be naughty". And you look like you are having the time of your life! Love your loot!

  36. love the jewellery box. can you give me some shopping tips for when I visit the Dordogne region in June?

  37. What a wonderful find, gorgeous. :)

  38. A fabulous post..
    about that painting,
    restoration will reveal
    some little secret to you♥
    les meilleurs voeux!


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