Going shopping

{Périgueux - my favourite place to shop}

Tomorrow we are going to Périgueux , my favourite city which is about an hours drive from Maison No. 20.

We are going to do some shopping or as it is called in french "faire les courses".

Normally my shopping list would consist of clothes, shoes and interior items for the house.

So far I have on my list for tomorrows outing:

*Electrical cabling
*Tiles for bathroom
*Mirror for bathroom
*Rattan Stools for kitchen island (yet to be built along with rest of kitchen)

I am interested to know what is on your shopping list, is it as exciting as mine?

A bientot,

L x


  1. plastic storage containers and drawers in all sizes....a boiler...hand mixer and sand paper. Not unlike yours! Have fun!

  2. An antique soda syphon, hopefully in aqua, and some broccoli! Quite the combination I know.

    I hope you find everything you are looking for!

    Kat :)

  3. Unfortunatly, Daz,stain remover, nothing more exciting!
    However when I visited Peregieux some years ago I don't remember coming away with a toilet?!
    Happy shopping!

  4. Oh Leeann,
    Can't you slip 'pair of shoes' onto the list ?!!
    Have fun shopping. XXXX

  5. Milk...a prescription for my aged feline....and magazine pour moi...I'd much rather be shopping in France, especially at a flea market or antique shop...hope that you have fun!

  6. Worms were on our shopping list yesterday. I like the sound of your list AND the place you get to shop. Sounds like you have the making of some exciting plans for your place! ~Lili

  7. I bet even a toilet looks exotic when wrapped in France and with a receipt in French! so much more elegant than B&Q I would imagine.

  8. Oh it is still an exciting list.... and to be shopping there... I could only dream!.... for the time being. My shopping list today.... Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy, Nut Free Commercial List in hand, substitutes for my little boys favourite foods as he has just been diagnosed with a life threatening Peanut Allergy :( He's so positive though... looking forward to trying new foods.... kids.. they're so resilient! Have a wonderful shopping trip... you must share! A-m xx

  9. I'm afraid the only shopping currently on my list is for groceries. I would much prefer to do clothes and home shopping. :) Hope you find everything you want/need.

  10. An Elizabethan (?!?) collar for our dog At least that's my husband's scribbled note says. I don't even get manicures, there is no way she's getting an Elizabethan collar!

  11. My shopping list has too many items on it to mention... cupboard knobs, new floor, kitching lightning, paint. I could go on but I won't bore you...lol
    Nice site!


  12. Mine is exciting as well---I went "shopping" out in the barn this morning for lamp cords, sockets, and screws! Wooppeee!!

  13. Mmmm - I'm just looking at my list - handy andy, sponge cloths, toilet paper. Very exciting! However, don't you find you always come home with things that weren't on the list, and I hope you may have been tempted with some special finds Leeann!

  14. My shopping list is tooo long!
    Have a nice day,

  15. Interesting list. If your like me I either loose my list or I get side tracked by a wonderful antique shop. Once home, I just add all the things that I didn't purchase to my next shopping list. Enjoy your day with a slight detour.
    xxx, Michelle

  16. Have a great shopping day, Leeann. Sounds like a fun outing.

  17. Leeann, your list sounds exciting (even more so because you will be shopping in France!). My shopping list has only one item and that is a sun hat for our littlest daughter. I looked everywhere in town today and think I will have to make one. Hope you find everything on your list. Happy shopping ~ Tina x

  18. Why, yes. As a matter of fact, my list right now would be very similar. We just started our kitchen renovation (I can hear the guys demo-ing as I type!)
    Your blog is great and I've had a number of your readers come visit me...so thank you for the listing!
    Guess I'd better get back to supervising things! All the best to you! ~LeAnn

  19. I love it! From the image alone I can see why it's such a gorgeous place. I hope you found everything you needed.

  20. ohhhhhh...how I long to be near or IN France again! I can say that if I were there today, my shopping list would include fabulous Frenchy vintage linens, fun trinkets from flea markets, and of course a few new purses. Have fun on your shopping ventures...I'm drooling!

  21. WONDERFUL BLOG!!!!!!
    Kisses :)



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