Recently I bought Mr FF a vintage postcard on for Saint Valentin and it came enclosed in a fabulous card with the above illustration on it.

Today I stumbled across the same illustration on a french blog with the words "peynet". Curious, I googled peynet on and this is what I found out.

Raymond Peynet, parisian graphic artist (1908-1999).
Created The Couple of lovers of Peynet, in front of the kiosk of Valence which made him famous around the world.

Then I found a
fabulous website which tells you about his life, his gorgeous illustrations and even a shop where you can buy perfume, pictures, books etc.

{image from here}

So many fabulous illustrations, and to think that this all started through buying Mr FF a vintage card for Saint Valentin....

Je vous souhaite un très beau week end plein d'amour!

L x


  1. Sweet, I was recently at an Estate sale where I saw some v-day beauties.

  2. This little card has become so much more now that you've realised the history behind it. I love it when you stumble upon little gems like this.

  3. I love the idea of buying a vintage postcard versus just a Hallmark one. You have the best traditions! ~Lili

  4. Hi Leeann,

    What a sweet Amour card and love it that your found the Parisian Artist, that designed this.
    Vintage cards are so much nicer than cards you buy today.

    Happy weekend

  5. What a lovely postcard and even more so that it took you on such a wonderful voyage of discovery! I had not heard of Peynet before but am off to follow your links to find out more, his art is so very lovely! Thanks for sharing:) Enjoy your day - Tina x

  6. gorgeous link, really lovely illustrations.

    Hope Mr FF loves his card!


  7. Lovely! Very unique Valentine's Day cards.

  8. That is such an interesting story - I have seen his illustrations before but did not know anything about him.. And how romantic that Mr FF bought you a vintage valentine card in the first place too... lovely.

  9. Thanks for the links..fab to check it out..thanks lulu

  10. So so so pretty! x


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