The first of many...

....postings for Pink Saturday. Beverly has asked us to share a project that we have planned for 2010.

One of the projects that Mr FF and I have planned for 2010 is a new kitchen at Maison No.20, which I have already started sourcing things for and will be sharing details of all my fabulous finds over the forthcoming months.

Once complete, I plan to spend as much time as possible in it as I adore cooking. Mr FF has a bit of a sweet tooth and is a lover of cakes, so no doubt he will be requested some macaroons like the rose flavoured ones above. Although being a macho builder, he may prefer a less girly I may just ending up making some pistachio favoured ones as well.

For more projects, please visit Beverly's oh so pink blog.

Happy Pink Saturday,
L x


  1. Now I was just looking for the inspiration for writing a Pink Saturday post and got lots of lovely pink macaroons to feed my curiosity! Lovely yummy PS to you too Leeann! Happy New Year!!

  2. Oh, yum, those look SO good! We are redecorating our kitchen. I'd love to have a makeover but that's not in the budget this go around as we had to get a new roof last year :)

    Happy New Year and Pink Saturday!


  3. Well you are certainly in the pink!! Tickled by all the color here,
    Happy New Year!! Love following your colorful blog,

  4. Would so love a kitchen remodel. My wheels would be turning in overtime to find the perfect scheme. Through all our blogging, you see so many magnificent kitchens. Wishing you a spectacular 2010. All my best ~ deb

  5. I wish you a very happy New Year Leeann, xv,

  6. May all of our lives have the happy touch of pink! I look forward to seeing your kitchen at Maison no. 20!
    Happy New Year, Leeann!
    xo Isa

  7. FABULOUS!!! Happy New Year!

  8. Now that's what I call pink and yummy!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. They look dElish... and I so look forward to seeing the kitchen project over the coming year too...xx

  10. Yummy! Love those! Happy New Year!!

  11. Love the yummy pink look here!

  12. I always think that macaroons make the most wonderful pictures, don't you ? Those pink ones look delicious. I'm sure that , at a push, Mr.F.F would eat a pink one !! Enjoy sorcing your new kitchen, Leeann. XXXX

  13. Pink and yummy macaroons. So good to look at. Wish you a great year filled with lots of love,happiness and fun..

  14. Love it!
    Happy Pink Saturday and A Wonderful New Year!

  15. A new kitchen...that's quite an undertaking. Good for you. Happy pink Saturday and bonne annee.

  16. Happy New Year Leeann! It looks like you've got another wonderful year planned - can't wait to hear more about all your fabulous adventures! Leigh

  17. I'm jealous ~ macaroons? Are they from Laduree? Love that place. Are they hard to make? Happy New Year to you and Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. Happy New Year from our house to your house. Is there a macaroon left over for me? tee hee
    Joyce, IL, USA

  19. My Favorite!! In Paris I loved to eat the Pink Happy Pink Saturday Grace

  20. Bon Anee may I join you - what a beautiful inspirational blog. The macaroons look magnificant, I never knew such things existed until this moment. Merci madamme.

  21. ALOHA ,
    really enjoying your posts, love Pink, love Paris, Love France, I'm in...:))
    Happy New Year

  22. that definitely is some yummy pink things there.
    hope you have a fabulously beautiful new year ♥

  23. What stunning colurs in that first shot - just beautiful!

    Looking forward to seeing the new kitchen unfold.


  24. Can't wait to hear about your new kitchen, gorgeous pics of the prettiest macaroons!x

  25. Bonne Annee LeeAnn,

    The pink macaroons look pretty. We bought some for Christmas from La Cigale, a French shop in Parnell and they were very yummy.
    Look forward to seeing your new kitchen take shape.
    have a wonderful year!


  26. What a gorgeous Pink, I have never tried to make Macaroons, we are very lucky to live very close to the Bouchon restaurant and bakery in Yountville, nr Napa. they make the best macaroons and my fave is pistachio. A new kitchen, how exciting. Happy New Year. Kathy.


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