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Hope that you all had a fabulous weekend.

Ours was a busy one with Mr FF picking up some furniture (fabulous wooden carved day bed + mattress for a dear friend) whilst Madame alias "moi" spent the Saturday morning at the hairdressers.

Needless to say Mr FF was not a happy chap when he came to collect me as he feels that I have too many beds - 7 at last count but I am a firm believer that one can never have too many beds :-)

In order to commence the work on what will eventually be our new kitchen we have to start clearing the area where it will be.

We have been using it as storage and over time it has become full of boxes and furniture. Some of the boxes were shipped from Dubai almost 3 years ago and have yet to be opened, so you can guess what I am going to be doing this week.

We took one load of furniture to Maison de Poitiers and piled it into the garage yesterday afternoon with the aim being to get the room emptied by the end of next weekend.

Unfortunately I am a bit of a hoarder, what about you? Are you a hoarder or a thrower away (if there is such a word)...

L x


  1. What you ARE my dearest friend is PRICELESS!! Ha - I too have 6 beds in the garage and a further 6 scattered between Allos in the mountains and at La Fontiane, the old house in Provence. I noted recently that I would need to rent a truck to bring everything back to Toulouse! My excuse? We will need beds in the new house - you know, when we move from here ;-)!!!

  2. Pity -I do not collect beds but I do have too much beautiful vintage linen and have to admit to being a terrible hoarder!! I do not have another house to move it to and my husband has laid ownership to the garage with all his 'stuff'!
    :) Irene x

  3. He he, too funny. Yes, i've been known to be a hoarder, but then (maybe its the Gemini thing) i going totally opposite and have crazed purging sessions.

    I get berrated (and berrate myself!) for having too much stuff, and then something switches somewhere and next thing you know half of it is on verge for collection (or kerb treasure hunting as is often the case). Following which is a period of people asking ' mum, do you know where' andi have to retreat in shame because i chucked it out :)


  4. Me a hoarder? NEVER!!!! We have garaging for 5 cars and at present we can fit only 1! We have 14 rooms in the house and my dearly beloved says he can't see the walls anymore. So no I am definately not a hoarder!!!!!! Have been enjoying your blog just discovered that if I don't comment I am apparently a stalker? Is this true? if so my apologies!

  5. I'm definitely a hoarder, Leeann. My husband used to be also, but no longer is is, so you can imagine the difficulties :)

  6. Our men just do not understand the makings of a brillant, creative mind! We must have the things we love... beds, chairs, tables, all, the necessary things to make life beautiful!
    I have a thing for chairs and they are everywhere in my home.
    Have fun unpacking those boxes.


  7. OOOH YES!
    I'm a hoarder of certain things. Mainly dinnerware and linens.... But every once in a while I just go through everything and re hoard!BUt I'm getting better we just cleaned out the garage. Now we only have three stoves.We love to cook...:)Maryanne

  8. I can't wait to follow progress on your new kitchen! I find it easy to give up anything I don't use or absolutely love, but I adore too many things! --Lili

  9. oh I am a thrower outer - if it hasn't been used in 6 months then it has to go - all those beds! what a huge amount of space they must be using! I would give them to good homes and visit them for sleepovers (is there a French Freecycle?).

  10. Well, you have been busy. Bed's, kitchen, sorting furniture.
    I am quite a hoarder. I find it very difficult to throw anything away. XXXX

  11. Phew, that sounds like a very busy weekend you've had.I am not a horder, tho I do have regrets that I haven't been a little more careful when I have one of my editing sessions. There are a few things that have been given the heave, and then later I have been kicking myself that I was too reckless.

  12. I have had a rental on a storage unit for several years that I have had filled with chairs, excellent buys that I couldn't pass up and family belongings...

    Finally, after tiring of spending the money on the storage unit, I had everything delivered to the barn and storage unit on my property... if I don't "do something" with all this stuff... everyone will hate me if I were to die and leave it for them to deal with!

  13. You seem to be very busy!!!! I like to throw away what I don't like's a way to put in order my mind...but I repent after a while!
    Good work!
    A bientot!

  14. I adore your musings, and I say "keep it, keep it all!" Hoarding is an ugly sounding word... away with it! What you are doing is simply not letting go of brilliant and exceptional pieces that give you great joy being at the ready for your pleasure. It brings you excitement to know you have won a treasure. And if you must, put a few pieces up on your blog for sale! Now wouldn't that be fun (for all of us anyway!).

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