What is it about a Christmas fairy...

......that makes you smile every time that you see it. I bought our fairy on Saturday at a local marche de noel and I adore her.

Mr FF has suggested that I should have made one of my own, maybe next year.

He bought me a gift last night, I will tell you about tomorrow but in the meantime I will give you a small clue, it involves many kisses or as they say here, "mille baisers".

A demain,

L x

ps no snow as yet, maybe tomorrow.


  1. Love your cute fairy and think I can guess about the many kisses.... :-) but I could be wrong! x

  2. Your fairy is beautiful. She'd make me smile too. xx

  3. We have an angel that sits atop our tree every year. We have had her since we were first married and our children insist that she always has to be at the top of the tree. She is teeny tiny and is getting a little worse for wear and she has lost one of her tiny little hands !!
    I think that you should have one made and then she can become a tradition, like ours. XXXX

  4. She is so sweet. One in linen with old pressed tin wings would be amazing...and so you!
    Ness xx

  5. Your Christmas fairy is very pretty, I left mine in England when we moved, my daughter (who still lives in London) found it and won't part with it now :-). our tree has feathers and bows this year but I do miss that fairy. Kathy.

  6. She's adorable, and she spoke to you like only fairies can!

  7. I can see why you love her - she's gorgeous. I'm dreaming of your coming snow! Leigh

  8. She's so cute! And you know what a fan I am of xmas Fairies!!!! I hope you have a great Holiday season and that the wee shop rocks!!!!

  9. It's that gorgeous shade of red! I still think you could have made one JUST as beautiful - if not more so!! ... And I'm not letting on about your thousand kisses - you'll just have to surprise everybody!

  10. Adorable! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!



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