Paris sous la neige

Place des Vosges. Paris sous la neige

It is snowing in Paris and the forecast is for snow for us tomorrow, hope that we wake up in the morning to snow everywhere.

L x


  1. Oh, how lovely.....I can only dream of being in Paris. Maybe, one day.

  2. Just the words 'snowing in Paris' made me sigh a little!

  3. Paris when it snows!!!! How romantic! and beautiful.... I'm inviting you over this evening to view mega snow...We have a ton, Merry Christmas!!!! xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. I hope so too for you...have a wonderful time, xv.

  5. I have been to Place des Vosges several times...which I adore!.... but to see in covered in snow is a real treat!

    Thank You!

  6. That snow makes it really
    feel like Christmas in Paris.
    I would take that boat down the river,
    Those bridges are so beautiful and Oh!
    the roof tops . Lucky You stay warm.


  7. Undeniably romantic! I can only imagine being there in person.

  8. Place des Vosges is gorgeous, and especially under snow. When I think of it, I recollect a perfume store where I amost bought a bottle which I have since regretted not buying!! Paris is so gorgeous, but the snow adds such a touch of peace and quiet and elegance. It looks like a jewel in a quiet setting. You are so lucky!
    I would love to be in Paris for Christmas some day.
    xo Terri

  9. I've never seen Paris under the snow and Place de Vosges is one of my favourite place in P! It's simply stunning under the white coat!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy week end!

  10. I just loved it when it snowed in Paris (when I lived there). It was magical. And since the snow never stayed long, it was pure pleasure (unlike here in Canada over the winter).

  11. Happy to hear you woke up to snow too. Its still snowing here in Paris on Friday afternoon, I've been slipping and sliding around this morning trying to do some shopping.
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  12. And what are you doing up there on the place des Vosges when you should be having a snowball fight here with me ;-) ?

  13. we were in Paris for New Years last year, loved it!

  14. Pre-Christmas Paris is gorgeous -- one of the best trips ever was in December, where it was 0° and sunny for 5 days straight; there was a constant glow in the sky, and it was fab. But I'd love to see it as you are right now, i.e. in the snow. Enjoy! Must be magical.
    Merry Xmas,

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  16. What an absolutely beautiful scene! We keep saying that we will head out of the US one Christmas... you've convinced me to argue for Paris! Have a very Merry Christmas!




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