Monday, 14 December 2009

Only in France.....

{image from here}

can you get a foie gras burger! I am lost for words........

L x


  1. I'm laughing fit to kill myself! Must see if the local Maccas has them too!

  2. LOL.. oh my Dear Friend, You Certainly do Have something here for me. I think it's all fabulous, but the burger mes ami, is to die for. The grain sacks, the French room, it's all too much for me to handle at one. I shall take my time and savor. Merci for the heads up. I love friends like you. Keri

  3. I had to take a second look when I saw it.. So funny.

    with pommede terre frites?
    natureliement, in France.

    a bientot

  4. Christmas dinner at your place Leeann? Champagne and a magnum ice cream too. Very flash.

  5. Reminds me a little of our McDonald's in Freeport, Maine where in the summer you can get a lobster roll served on a table with white linens! Quick help me convert Euros to $ . . . how much IS that?? LOL!

  6. i slapped my knee with laughter!

  7. Hi Leeann,

    Well whatever next!
    I wonder if McDonalds will put it on the menu.

    Happy week

  8. OMG! I am lost for words too, and THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!!!!I am going to make one for my own xmas present!!!!!! I cook Foie Gras but on a burger??? Why not??????Thanks for the idea..

  9. What a light hearted post,very funny!! All the best,Chrissy


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