Dear Santa.....

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I have been a good girl this year and worked hard renovating our house with Mr FF.

We have moved houses this year and our chimney is "tres petite". So I think to save you the trip of trying to squeeze yourself down the chimney with a large presnt you could lower my Nikon D3000 camera down the chimney and I will ensure that it has a safe landing.

I know that you will be very hungry so will leave food and drink for you and your reindeer by the front door. I will also leave you a little something from fabulously french, for your lovely wife to save you the hassle of last minute shopping.

Merci beaucoup et a tres bientot,

Leeann x


  1. Great letter to Santa. It's a good idea to bribe him a little, and I would say you did with the gift for Mrs. Santa and food for the are one clever little girl. Yes?
    Anyway, great post and who knows, that camera might just show up under the tree.

  2. You are one of the most thoughtful people I know thinking so kindly of Santa's wife. I believe we shall call you 'Saint FF.' PS - do hope Mr FF avidly reads your blog and gets the hint that he should lower said camera down the chimney and that he will have hot meal ready if he complies ;-) What a week - back to blogging for me tomorrow too! Love

  3. I wish for you a camera..
    sweet post. I bought a sack, burlap at the coffee grinders. now I donot know WHY.
    Got any ideas?

  4. After that lovely letter, I think that you will get everything that you want.
    Have a great week. XXXX

  5. Santa simply must get that camera to you - or Mrs. Santa will be very upset.

  6. Hi Leeann,

    What a sweet letter to Santa and I am sure that you will get the camera, being the good girl you are!

    Happy week

  7. Oh I am sure Santa will bring you what you want, since you have worked so hard and are so considerate to him. My boys are on their 3rd draft of their Santa letter as little one is writing it and keeps making mistakes! Hilarious! A-M xx

  8. oh leeann... with this darling note... i am sure santa will be very good to you this year... so cute... merry christmas! x pam

  9. Oh Leeann... that is such a sweet girly trick,a little bit of bribery never goes amiss. I definately think you deserve that camera. I bet Santa thinks so too.

  10. Well I am a great believer in Santa, and having been such a good girl this year, I am fairly certain that you will most definitely be on the 'nice' rather than the 'naughty' list. Just make sure Santa gets your letter!

  11. So cute what a great idea! I am off to write my letter to Santa now.

  12. I am sure that you will get what your heart desires .... Santa will know that you have been a good girl - ALL year!

  13. Oh My,,,, WHY is this the first I've learned of this blog? What have I been doing? Living under a flippin rock? Ohhhh boy. This is heaven for me. You blog is rockin my world.

    Love Keri (aka Sam)

  14. When you ask so sweetly Leeann, how could he possibly not grant your request!
    Millie ^_^


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