2 more days left.....

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First of all, merci beaucoup for telling me about all your plans for 2010, sounds like we are going to be a very busy bunch.

I cannot believe that we only have 2 more days until 2010. Mind you it make take me that long deciding what to wear.

We together with some lovely friends, are seeing the new year in at a new restaurant that has recently opened in the village, the food is great there and the decor very chic - think chocolatey walls with menus on blackboards and a mixture of modern leather and wicker chairs with a huge open fireplace as the main feature of the room....deliciously chic but more importantly at this time of the year -lovely and warm.

It maybe a little bit busy to take photos tomorrow night but I will return on a quieter day to get some photos with my new camera that Santa kindly gave me.

The mayor is putting on a wee party and will be offering all a crepe and free aperitif. The old chateau will be lit with lasers and this will be the place where most of the locals see the new year in.....cannot wait, it should be a fabulous and very fun night.

I have been lucky enough to spend new years eve in some fabulous cities; Sydney (the atmosphere is electric), London (many of which were unfortunately wet including 1999), Dubai, Istanbul, Mumbai, Santiago and so the list goes on.

This year I am looking forward to a more sedate affair without the crowds and bright city lights.This may have something to do with the fact that I am now in my 40's and prefer candle light to neon.

Today I am loving this photo that I found in Canadian house and home magazine.

I adore the mix of the dark table with the light coloured louis style chairs - fabulous. And that chandelier is fabulous.....

Work beckons so I had better go, wishing you all a very fabulous new years eve, where ever you maybe. I will be back on Saturday where we will be discussing planned projects for 2010 as part of this weeks Pink Saturday post.


L x


  1. Moi aussi je te souhtaite de joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année!! Leeann - I not only hope, but know that 2010 is going to be a winner of a year for you and Fabulously French! Tell Mr FF that I'm looking forward to more giggles and bubbles with the coming year - and one of the first things on my wish list is spending more time with TOI too.
    Much love

  2. You have a wonderful blog! I am envious of your New Year's Eve!

  3. Glad to hear Santa brought your camera. Wishing you a fabulous New Year as well!

  4. the food venue sounds divine
    I raise my glass to yours~~clink

  5. your evening sounds fabulous! that photo is beautiful...clean, uncluttered, bright....just how i want my new year to begin. cheers!

  6. Here's wishing you a fabulous new year.
    I have enjoyed you so..
    Looking forward to more beautiful post's.
    All the best of everything!!

  7. Just wanted to say I've enjoyed your pictures, your sense of humor and just your whole blog effort. Here's to more success to you in 2010!

  8. wishing you a blessed, healthy, prosperous New Year! Happy New Year! i look forward to seeing what lovely post you post for 2010! your blog is truly one of my favorites! :)

    God Bless,

  9. Sounds like a fabulous restaurant...looking forward to hearing about how it went :)

  10. Happy 2010 to a wonderful blogger friend!



  11. Dear Leeann,

    So glad that Santa, bought you a new camera.
    Thank you for your friendship ~ it has been great getting to know you.
    May you have a wonderful year ahead with much love, good health and many blessings.



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