St Emilion Je t'aime beaucoup.....

{St Emilion - a village that I love}

Hope that you all had a fabulous weekend and got lots of interesting wee visitors. There were many ghosts and witches out on Saturday night in our village , all looking very scary.

Yesterday we went to Bordeaux to pick up some items for the shop and after we decided to come back the scenic route through Saint Emilion.

It is one of my favourite places in our region, everytime we go, I love it a little bit more. We are so lucky that it is only a 40 minute drive from the house which means it is a great place to spend a leisurely Sunday.

There are lots of fabulous restaurants and unlike most places in France, the shops are open on a Sunday - fabulous! For wine lovers, it is heaven as there are wine shops everywhere selling what is said to be the best red wine in the world, and even I as a kiwi girl who is a fan of Aussie and kiwi reds have to admit it is pretty good.

They also have a fabulous shop that sells my favourite cakes.......

{My favourites - Canelé cakes}

An interesting fact about these petit and very yummy cakes - If you have the choice between a Cannelé and a Canelé, do taste the second one!

"Canelé" is indeed the very local name of the Bordeaux speciality, given at the end of the 20th century by the original pâtissiers gathered in a brotherhood to protect the traditional recipe of their Canelés.

South-West bakers actually removed one of the n's from the old spelling to make the difference between their renowned French pastry, with its secret method of preparation, and common Cannelé versions that you can now find in Paris, New York and even Osaka!

So you know where to come if you want to try a real one.......

A demain,

L x

ps tomorrow I will be revealing 7 things that you would never guess about me, thanks to Maryanne at Beadboardcountry!


  1. Oh L,
    I loooove St Emilion too (although I was once tricked into eating some awful offal in a very swish restaurant there once). The canelés I will leave for you - I prefer your champagne bikkies. Counting the days! Love A

  2. Oooh these do look so delicious - breakfast time here and I would be seriously tempted! :-)

  3. I can understand why you like it!!! beautiful!
    Happy november,

  4. Lucky you - what more could you want! Gorgeous place and scrumptious food! Hope you have a great week. Leigh

  5. thanks for the tip, ff, looks amazing. our little tribe are heading to france next year and i have written this as a must-see stop while in bordeaux. (a region i am yet to experience!) thanks, from melbourne, australia

  6. I love those delicious little cakes....too much, xv.

  7. It all looks so idyllic Leeann. Those Caneles look wonderful!

    (Thanks for the visit - The City Market is great, will be interesting to see what you source for your friends! I could give you a wish list!!)

  8. St. Emillion looks like a lovely little town. How lucky for you to live so close to it, Leeann.

  9. The best wine I've ever had the pleasure of drinking was from St. Emillion. Thanks for telling us about your adventure!

  10. So nice that you could spend some leisure time in St. Emillion - it is lovely. I look forward to seeing your new posts in my box, your enthusiasm is wonderful - and infectious as it makes me want to get started on a new project! Glad you had a great weekend!

  11. You live such the exciting and fabulous life!!! It all sounds sooooo wonderful :)

    :) T

  12. I've been in St. Emillion some years ago! It's an enchanting village!
    Happy new week!

  13. Hi Leeann,

    The little cakes look delicious.
    That was one thing I could not get over, all the shops closed on Sunday, which is probably a really good thing.

    Happy week

  14. Smashing photographs as usual, nice blog.

  15. A few years I visited St Emilion and I have such a good memories of it! I love it!


  16. Leanne, you make me want to jump on a plane and come to St Emilion straight away to sample the canele and experience other delights of the region. Very, very tempting. Lee :)


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