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Pretty and pink etsy plus a giveaway

I cannot believe that it is Saturday already, where did the week go? And is it less than 4 weeks to Christmas....

So I thought that I have a look on etsy, and find us some pink french inspired gifts. So how about a.......

or how about.....

a set of fabulous gift tags

or for the girl that loves to play games..

fabulously pink scrabble tile pendant

or for the lover of Paris............

Paris Eiffel Tower French Christmas Greeting Card

Or for the girl that adores sewing.......

Pink Marie Antoinette Wrist Pin Pillow cushion

or for the girl that loves to travel......

a fabulously french cotton bag to put your lingerie in

So merci beaucoup etsy, we would be lost without you. And a mille mercis to all of you for your lovely comments and advice, which I adore to read.

As a small token of my appreciation I am offering a fabulously french cotton bag as a giveaway this week. All you have to do in order to be in to win is leave me a comment.

Happy Pink Saturday to you all,

L x


  1. New follower here! I do believe I'm hooked ... many thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday sweetie...
    I love this post. So many pinks. I really the expression on the face of the little parisian girl ornament. She does not look happy.

    The Eifel Tower greeting card is my favorite. It is so absolutely beautiful. I love the pink and red together with the black stamping in the background.

    Thanks for sharing. Please stop by and let me share my pink post with you.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  3. Love all your etsy pinks! I really adore those tags!
    Please stop over and see my pink post.
    Happy Pink Saturday mon ami!

  4. Delightful Etsy finds :)
    Looking foward to a sunny bright Christmas and a NEW year!

  5. and a very happy pink Saturday to you also! ... and yep, the holiday season is upon us all, how absolutely wonderful!!!

  6. Great things you found on Etsy!! Happy pink Saturday to you!!

  7. Bonjour! I love all of these fntastic Etsy finds, I too would be lost without it!
    Best, Judith~

  8. You have found some lovely pink things here and they are also very good gift suggestions. Thanks for the ideas and happy weekend, Natasha.

  9. Oooo ... you found something for me! I'm off to go check it out! Thanks and have a fabulous Pink Saturday!
    Hugs --
    Betty :)

  10. What a PPPP*

    Count me in for the giveaway please!

    *Perfect Parisian Pink Post

  11. Happy Pink Saturday! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with those you love. I love Etsy, thanks for sharing!

    All the best,

  12. Morning...lovely pinkies you are showing today, hard to choose a fvorite. Please enter me in your giveaway.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  13. Very nice things you are showing us :)

    I would really like to be in your giveaway.
    *keeping my fingers crossed*

  14. oh yay! that was my favourite - and i travel and love to travel and love france and will be in dordogne in 2010 and thanks for the opportunity to possibly win something so lovely and wishing you a lovely w/e!! x

  15. What a lovely pink giveaway!!! I'd love to be entered...thanks so much and have a happy Pink Saturday! Coralie

  16. I love the gift tags and the pin cushion, and, I too, cannot believe that it's under 4 weeks until Christmas....HELP !! XXXX

  17. What wonderful finds. Thanks for sharing all your pinks with us today. Have a great Pink Saturday.

  18. Thanks for this delicious little dose of pink! Hope your weekend is wonderful. ~jermaine~

  19. Etsy is full of wonderful stuff - but is anyone on there selling that great car??? Bisous Budgie!!

  20. I just love all these finds. So cute. I have really enjoyed looking around your blog, too - it's so fabulous I had to be a follower. :) Please stop by for a visit if you get a chance. Happy Pink Saturday!

  21. Wonderful pinks! Don't you just love etsy? Since returning from Paris, I just can't get enough of Parisian things.....wish I could have a Parisian house!!!! I would love to win your giveaway! Happy Pink Saturday.

  22. Ooh La La, what a fabulously elegant post. I'd love to win something! Thanks so much for giving us all a chance.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  23. Ooh la la! Some wonderful pink hand made goodness. I am off to see what else Etsy has in store.

  24. Love those Joyeaux tags! Thanks for highlighting the wonderful things on Etsy! Happy Pink Saturday!

  25. What a lovely collection of pink etsy gifts! I especially like the Marie Antoinette pin cushion and the gift tags. Your photo at the beginning of your post is so funny. Someone was having a good time. I saw that one of your favorite musicians was Nina Simone. My ds put together some music on a cd for me and included many songs from her and I absolutely love them. I have enjoyed perusing your blog. It is quite interesting and fun to read. Thanks for sharing in your give-away.


  26. I love all thinks pink and French! Those gift tags and greeting card are wonderful!

    Wishing you a very Happy Pink Saturday!


  27. Moi again! Geeze, typ0, all thinGs pink and French!

    I just visited your store, oh, my, so many things I'd like!!!


  28. Happy Pink Saturday, Leeann.

    You've shared so many wonderful Etsy finds. It is a great place to shop. And, thank you for the opportunity to win.

  29. Just found your blog, and I'm loving it! Thanks for the opportunity to win a giveaway. I've added this blog to my feeds. Delicious!

  30. The gift tags are wonderful - far too nice to give, in fact!

  31. Love,love,love the tags. They're so pretty. I've become a follower of your pretty blog..can't wait to see what you have next.

  32. It's so difficult to not shop for myself this holiday season when I see things like this!


  33. Hi Leeann,

    What a lovely dose of pinkness!
    I love everything you have shared with us, all things French and pink.

    I hope that you are having a great weekend

  34. Oh I think you found some very pretty things on your window shopping day. I love etsy and all it has to offer, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  35. Awesome, I want that adorable pink bag. I love your site and found it through a "google alert" for etsy. Happy you're here - gorgeous blog!

  36. I know I'm greedy, but I would love ALL of these lovely pink treasures.

  37. wow a generous giveaway!
    Beautiful..still making my Happy Pink Saturday rounds!

  38. Hi Leeann am writing from USA! (via Australia of course!!) wonderful photographs and so pretty .... cannot believe its less than 4 weeks though to christmas - help!! x

  39. If it was not that special color of Pink I would have no chance to visit your creative page and pour my appreciation for this beautiful Pink Article.
    You are so generous to offer such a nice giveaway, and makes me very impatient to wait the result. Oh my, crossed my fingers in the heart of Queen city Ist'l..
    Wish you a happy first Sunday of advent season!


  40. You've found so pretty pink items on Etsy! I like your choice!!!
    A nice new week to you!

  41. Love PINK! Love Etsy! Love Fabulously French!

  42. Hi Lee Ann!
    You found some great things on Etsy!!!!Isn't it a fun place to check out??? By the way, your shop is looking good! Nice choice of gifts. I'm sure it will be successful over the holidays! Maryanne

  43. Fabulously Pink !!! I think I need more pink in my life ~ way to much blue here at the moment...

  44. I am also on Etsy selling. I just love it. Pink, never enough pink.


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